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Shameful FDA – Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts For Homemade Salves

Shameful FDA - Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts For Homemade Salves

Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts Involving His Homemade Salves – Faces Up to 48 Years in Prison

In the end, the government charged Girod with conspiracy to impede an officer, obstruction of a proceeding before an agency, failing to register with the FDA, eights counts of causing misbranded drugs to be introduced into interstate commerce, tampering with a witness and failure to appear. The jury found Girod guilty on all 13 counts, but not only did they find him guilty, “they found Sam guilty of each separate part of each count, even when only one part would be needed to make Sam guilty of that count against him,” reports Health Impact News. It’s almost like it was personal.

From Health Impact:

Sam described the FDA coming to his home in Indiana and objecting to the skin cancer claim so he removed that from the label. Sam asked if they had any other concerns and was told they would like to think about it for a week. They never responded. After a few weeks, Sam contacted them and they didn’t reply.

Sam refuted the claim that the Amish were physically intimidating. He explained that they would never intimidate or threaten anyone. Anybody with even a passing familiarity with the Amish would know that to be the truth. He also stressed that nobody cursed at the FDA agents, as that is something they do not do.

Sam stated that he never harmed anybody and never acted to deceive anybody.

Do not believe for one moment they are trying to save or protect anyone from harm- they are silencing and potentially putting an Amish man in PRISON for healing people without the help of pharmaceuticals. That is the extent of it. Quite frankly is shameful.

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Shameful FDA - Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts For Homemade Salves
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3 thoughts on “Shameful FDA – Amish Grandpa Farmer Found Guilty On ALL Counts For Homemade Salves

  1. He would not be in jail or prison if he knew how the justice system works. Most of us assume that the courts are for justice and this couldn’t be farther from the truth ! Nobody in a corporation ever goes to jail because they are commercial entities,legal fictions and not charged as a “private person”. The Amish farmer got convicted because he identified as the legal fiction ! ( the strawman/all caps name) All crimes are civil matters ! Quote ” Use of the legal fiction “JOHN P JONES” in place of the proper name “John Paul Jones” implies an assumed debt guarantee without any offer of proof. The danger behind this is that if such an unproven assumption is made, unless the assumption is proven wrong it is considered valid.” You will never be informed about the information in this expose’ ! Ignore it at your own peril !

  2. Why aren’t the manufacturers of Big Pharma poison vaccines that contain formaldehyde, glyphosate, mercury, aluminum, dead fetal cells etc not in prison for serially killing millions of babies, children and adults and for causing autism and a host of other illnesses? I am not interested whether the amount of formaldehyde put in vaccines is small or not. It should not be there. Vaccines do not prevent disease they kill and destroy as they fill the recipients with high levels of toxicity that destroy our cells and cause irreparable damage. The low frequency garbage with a reptilian mindset must get out of the lives of the people of America. Don’t allow these demons to dictate to you because they are mentally deranged psychopaths who should have all have been FMRI scanned before entering public office. FMRI scanning should be mandatory for all these serial killing maniacs with no empathy, who think they have the divine right to dictate and cause mayhem on the planet.

    No psychopath should hold any office anywhere. They are the problem, they are the terrorists who are destroying all life forms. There are no Muslim terrorists that is all a lie to keep you all focused elsewhere, whilst your corrupt legal system plots against you.

    We are being told by the criminal legal system that it is acceptable for Monsanto and Big Pharma to poison the world with their lethal products that do not heal but kill and destroy us, whilst the elite retain treatments that work as they terrorize innocent doctors and kill them and get away with it and trash research papers and get away with it and hound doctors/scientists and administrators out of their homelands out of spite.

    The Amish farmer is correct, good for him for working with nature and coming up with his own remedies. I would be happy to buy his products and I will continue to refuse Big Pharma poisons and use homeopathy, a treatment that works for me. Those who have imprisoned him are psychopathic abusers who should be removed from office and held to account.

    This is despicable. Its time for the American people to unite, every single one of you, stand up for this poor man. Unite and stand up to those who are poisoning your waters. Don’t allow these intra-species criminals to destroy you. You should be there with the Native people supporting them as you drink the same water. Don’t hide and leave it solely to Native peoples to stand up. You should all be in it together.

    Stand up to these degenerate scum, tell them no way. You don’t want their poison vaccines and to stop imprisoning innocent people. If the Amish want to produce their own products, it is their business. Big Pharma are not our Masters they are evil megalomaniac criminals. They have no control over anyone, they are insane. They con us into think they do.

    America is run by insane, toxic, evil psychopaths who must be removed from office and made to suffer for the pain and misery that they put every living being through on this planet.

    Its time for the American people to set boundaries and say no more, you are not going to accept the insane behavior of low frequency tyrant dictators who have no empathy and no moral compass.

    You all deserve a good life. To be able to watch your kids grow and flourish and take care of your animals and be who you were meant to be. Full of joy and peace.

  3. Why has not been started a White Houser petition for this precious gentleman?
    Why does Mike Adams not yell about this from the roofs?

    Why must a European mention this??

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