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Vaccine Alert – Attention West Virginia – ACTION NEEDED NOW!

Vaccine Alert – Attention West Virginia – ACTION NEEDED NOW!

Action for West Virginia Residents only – TODAY March 22, 2017 – please pass onto anyone you know in West Virginia – Important legislation that will effect conscientious and religious vaccine exemptions nationwide.

Advance video to 1:33 to hear message from Dr. Suzanne Humphries on WV HB 2945

PDF – Attention_West_Virginia_conscientious_and_religious_vaccine_exemptions

Dear West Virginia NVIC Advocacy Team Members,
A bill to add conscientious and religious vaccine exemptions to state law for all students and employees, HB 2945, needs your help to be scheduled for a hearing!
Please call and email Delegates Ellington and Summers and politely ask that they put HB2945 on the House Health committee agenda. NOTE – You can make one call to make it easier. There is one secretary for House health so just say you are leaving a message for both of them.
Delegate Ellington – (304) 340-3269
Delegate Summers – (304) 340-3269 Also, if you have time, please call and email the rest of the House Health members asking for their support of HB2945. Here is a link to those members –
Explain why the addition of these exemptions is important to your family.
Please login at to see updates on how to continue to help with this bill!
NVIC Advocacy Team

1 thought on “Vaccine Alert – Attention West Virginia – ACTION NEEDED NOW!

  1. Wisconsin – I have a lawsuit ongoing that is forcing me to get a dog license which demands a rabies vaccination to qualify. I refuse because I have a document from a veterinarian stating it causes cancer in dogs. My dogs are seniors and already have tumors and my religious and conscience does not allow me to do this injury to these precious animals. Jury trial is in June, 2017

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