It’s Your Sky Tennessee

It's Your Sky Tennessee

Post from YouTuber Southern Nights Loving Nashville
Displaying the harmful effects of geo engineering in Tennessee and my personal photographs of aerosol spraying over Tennessee skies.

4 thoughts on “It’s Your Sky Tennessee

  1. The purpose of chemtrails is to prevent precipitation, rain, it’s a desiccant. Like California and other South West States, Tennessee and many other states are all suffering extreme drought. They’re basically attacking our water supply. Check utube channel 1PacificRedwood that will show you the other instruments used to prevent rain.

  2. I live in Scottsdale Az.we are massively sprayed every day . when we had beautiful sunny skies and blue skies now nothing but lines and clouds. They even spray the black lines at night..

  3. We live in Shrewsbury, MA, same dense misty clouds, they spray early morning at a very high altitude and may be at night too. We are heavily sprayed, my son gets these mysterious flu like symptoms, starts with throat infection, high fever, mucus, but never a runny nose or runny eyes (like real flu), I struggle to detox him, he had to miss school for days, once attacks it continues for days. Never seen him with such low energy, even with fever 100, he always did play in the past, but these days, when he gets this mysterious flu, he just sleeps for days, limp and drained, hurts to see him like this. Is there a stop to this nonsense!!! Dropping a bomb is much easier on both sides !!!

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