Electric Chemtrails – Contrails? Plasma Field

Electric Chemtrails - Contrails? Plasma Field

ELECTRIC CONTRAILS? –Harold Saive “Contrails” With Apparent “Van de Graaff” electric discharge between trails. This observation could explain numerous sighting of engine emissions where one “contrail” is a different color and density than the other in a twin-engine aircraft.  Billy Hayes Midway through the video is display of a frequency arc discharge between two trail components indicating opposing electrical charges between trail components when a incoming solar flux wind (ignition pulse) passes through the contained area….. In a sense, this is witness to duplication of the parameters by/of a cathode ray tube of and oscilloscope within a electrically charged Chemo Atmosphere …. It is to be recognized this is an indication to one step closer to a world wide television screen in the sky.

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Electric Chemtrails - Contrails? Plasma Field

9 thoughts on “Electric Chemtrails – Contrails? Plasma Field

  1. Thank you. I found out about this spraying when I started to have parasites that look like the bugs living in/on walls in my apartment. The entire story of what I learned was almost unbelievable, except there they were in my skin and on my walls. As I cope with this incurable illness and witness the toxic residue everywhere I have a deep sadness that “they” could/would do this.

  2. Oh yeah… after 7 years being sprayed (low, low altitude) -100′ yeah- I understand all toooooooo well!!! Ever see a super sprayer?? That will scare the shit out of anyone!!!! 15 rings of pure toxic chemicals AND, with 2 escorts spewing a mere spicket of spray on each side?? Guess they decided to spray the empty cattle fields just for shits and giggles!!! Saw many, many weird things in Utah!!!

    Cloud formations that DO NOT MOVE!! They stayed put for 20 minutes (inverted pyramids?) Pentagrams coasting along over someones house? Steered by earth’s magnetic field?? Try the “cloud” that was “formed’ and “steered” over hwy. 6 and then down to the salt lake city valley- and around the mt range back up to payson??? Could go on for hours!!!!

  3. A world change is in process for sure. Probably connected to the beings and human cooperators respecting action under Antartica. The controllers have a plan they will not reveal to us. So it is important that those of us who care and wonder continue to think, examine, question and be together as much as possible in trying to learn what is going on so we can figure out how to survive. It is all quite distressing .Something bad is going on for sure. Staying connected is necessary.

    1. I do not know yet how we can stop them, but staying informed is a crucial first step. At this point I think we just must keep on top of their actions as much as possible, stay informed and stay connected. Eventually something will break and we need to be together. I just feel that in my bones. Somehow we will be able to make a difference even tho we do not yet see how. Just like inthe sci -fi movies (which are great harbingers of the future), there will come a time when the powers will try to force us with lies into some situation bad for us arising from this spraying. We need to stay on guard and stay together to resist. Our governments are useless.

  4. Perhaps it is experimenting with new Spectrum Frequencies….as the FCC is opening up new spectrums for use by the creeps.

    This will play into 5G technologies….the weaponized cell phone, etc.

  5. what’s humorous is that you all think that the human race is so Grand that it should be saved. Oh no! we’re going to lose our ability to start wars and create more nuclear weapons!!!!!!!

  6. As crazy as this sounds (boy howdy have I began more than a few paragraphs with that lately) If you shoot images of the chemtrails shortly after they have been sprayed, invert the color of them so you can get a better look at what they contain. Just try it… Humor me… To Steven Davis regarding his infestation: Get some Kleen Green organic cleanser.. it actually kills them and it also dissolves the bio-film that is growing over your skin. Also you can use Compound W (for warts) for your walls. Just take the handy brush applicator and brush over them as they nest in your walls. They hate salyisic (sp?) acid and compound W is like 20% or so… hang in there….

    1. Hey Terry: I have inverted the colors on my pix and you are right, can see better look at the trails. Thx for your comments.

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