Global Chemtrail Summit Portland Oregon May 7 2017

Global Chemtrail Summit Portland Oregon May 7 2017

Free Event!!

PSU Hoffmann Hall, Portland, Oregon
Sunday May 7th, 2017, 11-7PM

Join us for a day of awareness, speakers and music as we bring mass attention to the ongoing treason that is atmospheric aerosol dispersals.

5 thoughts on “Global Chemtrail Summit Portland Oregon May 7 2017

  1. unfortunately Oregon has a lot of fascists in it’s green movements, not to mention other areas.

    so be mindful of truth and good info, as opposed to misdirection.

  2. The greatest terrorism….please use the word terrorism as the gov’t employees and politicians do not like that word at all. God help us and STOP THE SUPPLY, STOP THE SUPPLY. bEFORE PEOPLE START TEARING UP THE RAILROAD TRACKS SO THIS POISON DOES NOT GO INTO THE AIR BASES FOR SPRAYING US.

  3. Yesterday 5/3 was the first day I saw no trails all day and good ole fashion blue sky, a rare occurrence as it is here. Today I come outside and see a big x overhead of big
    white trails lingering above forming fake clouds. So glad this summit is happening. Wish more people in Portland would get involved ,a lot of them are so plugged in with their phones they don’t even look up. This has been happening for so long people assume it’s normal jet traffic.

    1. just keep up the good fight and someday they will have no choice but to fight themselves. maybe soon groups will form and start pulling up warren buffets rail road ties to stop the supply flow to the bases.

  4. ed on you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I went to this Summit. No misdirection presented there, only truth. Speakers were from Canada, Ireland, New Orleans, just to name a few.

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