DNA from Aborted Babies in Vaccines. What Are the Consequences of THAT Experiment?

DNA from Aborted Babies in Vaccines. What Are the Consequences of THAT Experiment?
Have you heard that vaccines contain cells and DNA from aborted fetal tissue? That’s true. They include: Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine MMRV (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella) vaccine Hepatitis A vaccine (Vaqta, Engerix, Twinrix) Pentacel (DTap, IPV/Hib) vaccine.
Here is a table from The CDC where you can see what’s in the vaccines. Anywhere you see MRC-5 or WI-38 means that vaccine includes aborted fetal tissues, cells, and DNA. TinyURL.com/ExcipientList
DNA from Aborted Babies in Vaccines. What Are the Consequences of THAT Experiment?
Did you know there has never been a single study indicating that it is safe to inject the DNA of another human being into children?
Let’s think about autoimmune disease for a moment. Have you noticed there has been a very big spike in the number of autoimmune diseases diagnosed in children? I mean, wow!!! Kids didn’t used to have all these issues with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disease… In layman’s terms, autoimmunity is the body’s inability to differentiate between “self” and “other.” What better way to induce autoimmunity than to inject the DNA of another human being?
And what about the huge increase in fertility problems in young women AND young men? Something is going on, right???
And what about the epidemics of childhood cancers? Did you know that according to the experts, childhood cancers are different than cancers in adults? According to this blog from Roswell Park Cancer Institute, “The types of cancers that develop in children are different from those that develop in adults. Lifestyle or environmental risk factors don’t play a role. Instead, it’s usually the result of DNA changes in cells that take place very early in life.”
Hmmm… Recombinant homologous DNA… Here is a very interesting study about that: https://cogforlife.org/SCPIIMFARHR.pdf
“Changepoint analysis of autism disorder demonstrates a temporal correlation with events associated with human DNA residuals in vaccines. The levels of residual DNA are well over FDA-recommended limits. To reduce the dangers of residual DNA, recommendations were made to fragment the DNA. Unfortunately, in-vitro studies in model organisms have shown that shorter fragments have a higher chance of entering the nucleus. Cell culture experiments are in progress to determine the rate and sites at which these residual DNA fragments integrate into the genome.”
What does recombinant homologous DNA in vaccines do? The research from Sound Choice Pharmaceuticals strongly suggests it alters the DNA of the recipient (child). When does this happen? Early in life – when they are being vaccinated according to the CDC Schedule.
Did you know that you can purchase the same aborted fetal cells used in vaccines online? You can! For some reason male fetal cells are more expensive than female fetal cells – nearly three times as much, but still… $250 isn’t that much, right? Check it out:
Hey! Wait a minute… So, MRC-5 is from an aborted BOY baby, and WI-38 is from an aborted GIRL baby? Yep. That’s true.
And that means… Every child in the United States who is vaccinated according to the CDC’s Childhood Schedule is being injected with vaccines containing the DNA of BOTH sexes – girls are being injected with male DNA and boys are being injected with female DNA.
What do you suppose the outcome of THAT experiment may be??? #VaxXed #ItsNotJustAutism #HearUs #RiseUp

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  1. be advised ….a disclaimer the website on these health issues are good BUT the site prints many thing that are fascist misdirection…like comments and posts by a fascist using the name bluewater.”’
    I felt it necessary to state this since I posted a comment from this site.

    The internet has more bad info than good info…it is owned and controlled by the bad guys,,,,,Nazi fascism is the key understand that.


  2. Great article! Vaccines have some nasty, NASTY stuff in them. Someone who knows a lot about this, and more is Mike Adams, from http://www.naturalnews.com. He’s upfront, and can tell you anything and everything about vaccines!

    All people have to do to stay healthy, is eat and drink as much as they can organic, (mostly fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts), stay away from frankenfood, GMO, chemicalized foods, which is pretty much everything in the grocery store. But so many people are learning this subject, and buying organics, that walmart and target stores are jumping on the bandwagon. But do your homework…some organic companies are in bed with monsanto (very evil company). You won’t believe how much better you’ll look AND feel, for changing your diet around. If you want to lose weight, forget about weight watchers, lean cuisine, etc…look at the ingredients, they have man made chemicals, and GMO’s in them.
    Corn is the number one GMO….about 95% of all corn crops in the US are GMO….and “high fructose CORN syrup”, and the other many different names it goes by, is in most everything at the grocery store…..even your loaf of bread!

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