U.S. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey – How much money under his mattress – pay offs – bribes – from big Pharma?  Senator Robert Menendez “I am not talking about individuals, am taking about SCIENCE.” He does not care about his vaccine damaged constituents, only his Pharma funding source.

Sickening –  Listen to this slimy, repugnant exchange….. “I am not talking about individuals, but SCIENCE.”


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Greed, Arrogance, and Sleaze Define the 2017 Democratic Party.  Is it Time For America to Just Shut it Down?…

Enough is enough.

Read more: http://bolenreport.com/pro-vaxxer-senator-robert-menendez-federal-indictment-22-counts-corruption/#more-7007

3 thoughts on “Pro-Vaxxer Senator Robert Menendez Under Federal Indictment For 22 Counts of Corruption…

  1. the democrats sell out for money.

    The republicans are deep rooted in the slime…generational.

  2. watch this video it says much:


    if you are mindful or a mind left, then you can realize people like david icke, rush limbaugh, alex jones and many more, (heroes given to the public to follow; by the bad guys….like american idol programming.)..are all Bu.. Sh..

    have no respect for the truth.

  3. Both parties, no difference – just the color – slim.

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