“VACCINE RAGE” phenomenon may explain global increase in anger, violence and insanity

“VACCINE RAGE” phenomenon may explain global increase in anger, violence and insanity

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What could be causing this sharp rise in anger, violence and insanity we’re now witnessing?

“VACCINE RAGE” phenomenon may explain global increase in anger, violence and insanity

One thing we know for sure is that heavy metals cause brain damage. Lead, aluminum and mercury exposure are all known to cause not just brain damage but even behavioral changes that trend toward more “animalistic” behavior in humans.

This is not debated. The scientific literature is full of tens of thousands of studies on heavy metals, and many of those studies focus on cognitive decline and brain damage. Search science.naturalnews.com for any heavy metal (or read HeavyMetals.news) to see thousands of studies, or search PubMed.

Vectors of heavy metals exposure include food, water and vaccines

Once we realize that heavy metals cause brain damage, it’s only reasonable to try to understand the vectors of exposure for those metals. Food, water and vaccines are all primary vectors of heavy metals exposure, with vaccines being the most potentiated because they are injected into the body’s tissues rather than being orally ingested into the digestive tract.

The CDC confirms that vaccines are still deliberately formulated with aluminum, mercury and other toxic ingredients. Want proof? You can easily see this CDC vaccine fact page right now, which lists aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, MSG, antibiotics and other toxic ingredients being formulated into vaccines. The CDC even urges, “To find out what chemical additives are in specific vaccines, ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for a copy of the vaccine package insert, which lists all ingredients in the vaccine and discusses any known adverse reactions.”

There is no question, in other words, that vaccines contain heavy metals.

There is also no question that those heavy metals are neurotoxic. This is irrefutably established in the medical literature. Anyone who argues against this is either lying or scientifically illiterate.

The only real debate is: Could these brain damaging heavy metals be causing sufficient brain damage to lead to widespread violence, insanity and irrationality?

That’s the working theory of “Vaccine Rage.” At the moment, this is just a theory. We don’t have enough scientific evidence to prove this theory, but it deserves much more study because it’s rooted in a rational assessment of the damaging effects on the brain caused by toxic elements (aluminum and mercury).

Don’t you find it fascinating that society was alarmed over the lead in the water in Flint, Michigan while remaining completely oblivious to the mercury in the vaccines given to children everywhere?

Watch my feature video, “Vaccine Rage,” to learn more:

6 thoughts on ““VACCINE RAGE” phenomenon may explain global increase in anger, violence and insanity

  1. Berkeley Professor ” Janice Perlman ” instigated her idea of the ” Mega Cities Project ” , now the whole Nation is swept up in this madness . The Eleven Regions where these Mega Cities swell with Multicultural Humans , Legal or Not , is her idea of the future and the Globalist’s joined right in ! Cramming people into containment areas is NOT natural for anyone , and using the ” Climate Change Agenda ” is Criminal , especially when the culprits start sticking needles into these already Brainwashed population ! Don’t live anywhere near a Mega-City !

    1. Been following Mike Adams for 20 years – he is good info based upon my personal experiences.
      Why would Mike Adams not be a good source because he is making a few bucks? An entrepreneur? Big Pharma making trillions. Are you a sleeper pharma troll?

  2. Mike Adams is descent, but he has a narrow approach.

    It goes beyond the buy my product to counter act the situation.

    The situation is layer deep.

  3. another thought:

    The EMF Waves of the planet….go from Antartica up on the outside of Earth, to the North Poe, then go back down through the inside of the planet and come out at Anartica….consistently rotating in this manner.

    Antartica has around 20 plus mind control bases, from different countries …usa. uk, france. russia, germany, argentina, japan…etc.

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