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 TOXIC AIR PLANE CRASH WARNING   (2/3/2013) Passenger jets risk “dropping out of the sky” because airlines refuse to fit detectors that could save pilots from poisonous cabin air, a toxicologist told the Sunday Express.

‘Fume Event’ hospitalises American Airlines crew in latest incident concerning cabin air

WHAT IS a FUME EVENT? – A fume event is when bleed air used to pressurize the cabin of an aircraft is contaminated by chemicals such as engine oil, hydraulic fluid, or other potentially hazardous chemicals.

The CAA says: “Up to half the cabin air is re-circulated and passes through high efficiency filters, similar to those used in hospital operating theatres, to remove bacteria, viruses and other particles before it is mixed with outside air from the air-conditioning units.”

Campaigners say that if a fault occurs in the engine seals, then the air can become contaminated with neurotoxic chemicals such as an organophosphate called tricresyl phosphate. (Source)


Investigator, Max Bliss reported he had conversations with former KLM pilot and physician – Dr. Michel Mulder, who admits knowledge of the covert geoengineering operation and had previously volunteered an opinion about the dark forces running our world.

At Max’s suggestion, Dr. Mulder initially agreed to check the pilots blood for aluminum and barium but later withdrew this offer claiming his need to focus on the aerotoxic issue thought to be solely related to organophosphate aircraft lubricants – a known neurological toxin.

British Airways crew autopsies show organophosphate poisoning

“Sustained exposure to organophosphates (OP) from contaminated cabin air contributed to the death of a 43-year-old ­British Airways pilot, a group of medical experts believe.” (More)

In this video, Max contacted Dr. Mulder one last time to ask an important question about testing for exposure to geoengineering aerosols. aka “chemtrails”.  Dr. Mulder was necessarily brief – having placed another caller on “hold” to take Max’s call.

How Passengers Breathe Aerotoxins


Bleed air is compressed air that is taken from the compressor stage of the engine upstream from the combustion chamber. (More)

The identified problem in toxic cabin air is a device called a bleed air valve with no ability to filter the air pumped into the cabin and cannot distinguish between organophosphates, heavy metals in “contrails” or even Fukushima radiation.

This next video demonstrates how various types of airborne toxins can enter the engine to be pumped into the aircraft cabin to ultimately enter the lungs of passengers and crew.

We must now add geoengineering aerosols and even Fukushima radiation to the list of potential toxins.

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