“USA Today” Says – Conventional Cancer Treatment Hype Gives False Hope…

“USA Today” Says – Conventional Cancer Treatment Hype Gives False Hope…

Post from the Bolen Report We all know it is terribly expensive and DOES NOT work…

It is time to do something better…

By Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society

According to an article published April 17, 2017 in USA Today, titled “Cancer treatment hype gives false hope to many patients” conventional cancer treatment is really about the fact that “Of course there is plenty of money to be made.”

The article starts out: 

“After Michael Uvanni’s older brother, James, was diagnosed with a deadly form of skin cancer, it seemed as if everyone told the family what they wanted to hear: Have hope. You can beat this, and we are here to help.

The brothers met with doctors at a half-dozen of the country’s best hospitals, all with impressive credentials that inspired confidence.

Michael Uvanni was in awe when he visited the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (shown in the photo above) , one of the world’s most respected cancer hospitals. It was like seeing the Grand Canyon, said Uvanni, 66, of Rome, N.Y. “You never get used to the size and scope.”

Even the MD Anderson logo on buses and buildings — with “Cancer” crossed out in red, above the words “Making cancer history” — made the family’s battle seem winnable.

“I thought they were going to save him,” said Uvanni, an interior designer.

Patients and families are bombarded with the news that the country is winning the war against cancer. The news media hypes research results to attract readers. Drug companies promise “a chance to live longer” to boost sales. Hospitals woo paying customers with ads that appeal to patients’ fears and hopes.

Even the American Cancer Society admits it’s all “Bullshit.”

They said in the article:

“I’m starting to hear more and more that we are better than I think we really are,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society. “We’re starting to believe our own bullshit.”

The consequences are real — and they can be deadly. Patients and their families have bought into treatments that either don’t work, cost a fortune or cause life-threatening side effects.

“We have a lot of patients who spend their families into bankruptcy getting a hyped therapy that (many) know is worthless,” Brawley said. Some choose a medicine that “has a lot of hype around it and unfortunately lose their chance for a cure.”

Although scientists have made important strides in recent yearsand many early-stage cancers can now be cured, most of those with advanced cancer eventually die of their disease.

Cancer Treatment is probably the most important area of US healthcare we need to change – RIGHT NOW.

Why is this?  Families of conventional cancer treatment patients hear good news that “doctors have the disease in retreat“— then reality strikes back hard.

Let’s look at the current situation with cancer in the United States today.

Most all cancer groups agree, the latest cancer stats reveal: 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.  Unofficially, but quite observable, cancer touches 100 per cent of the families in the U.S.  That means any of us still breathing at a given point in time, either have a cancer patient in his family or knows someone who has cancer.

Why is this important?

Cancer statistics indicate both the incidence and deaths from cancer are not declining.  They are increasing.  More people today are being diagnosed with cancer.  More people today are dying of cancer.

For years, the Mainstream News Media (MSN) has alleged that Alternative and Integrative doctors engage in quackery and give false hope to cancer patients and their families.  We are accused of charging people money for the fake remedies and preying on hapless cancer patients.  Alternative and Integrative physicians have been persecuted and prosecuted for recommending and administering protocols outside mainstream pharmaceutical, government-sanctioned medicine.  Physicians have gone to prison for exercising their commitment to the Hippocratic Oath- -“First do no harm.”

The Holistic Approach…

Part of our work with the Cancer Control Society is Teaching Continuing Education Study Classes for Nurses and guiding Tours to the Cancer Clinics in Tijuana.  We have observed for over 40 years the excellent work they do and have done for thousands of cancer patients.  We know many cancer survivors who have rejected mainstream cancer treatments and are still alive many years later.

We are very familiar with “fake news” stories in MainStream Media of false hope, families left penniless due to worthless remedies administered in rogue clinics in Tijuana (and beyond).  Despite our efforts to educate media types, the MainStream Media  continues its assault on physicians and clinics daring to pursue what has proven effective and safe.


Patients and their families have bought into treatments that either don’t work, cost a fortune or cause life-threatening side effects.  Brawley said.

The article goes on to say the treatments devastate patients, destroying the quality of what life is left for cancer patients and are very costly.

In summary…

These conventional cancer treatments that DO NOT WORK are one of the major costs of the US Health Care System.

Put into perspective, mainstream cancer treatments, just like Mainstream News Media, encourage false hope while destroying quality of life and often bankrupt patients and their families.

In over 40 years in the Alternative / Integrative cancer movement, this is the first time the mainstream media has admitted what many of us have known for many years.

So, now what?

In a future article, we will compare treatments and costs.

In the meantime, we would like to remind you there is a rather simple, cost-effective solution, namely, the 45th Annual Cancer Control Society Convention, Labor Day weekend 2017 in Glendale (Los Angeles area), California.

Please go to the link above for additional information and stay tuned for Convention registration information.

There are far better ways to deal with cancer – and we will show them to you.

By Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society


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