Global Chemtrail Summit 2017 Matt Landman

Global Chemtrail Summit 2017 Matt Landman

Turns out that “chemtrails”, or aerosol injection (CIA), or solar radiation management (NASA) is no longer a conspiracy *theory*. It’s now officially known as geoengineering and savior of our planet.

Matt Landman has been able to compress a lot of information on this topic into his presentation from the 2nd Global Chemtrail Summit held in Portland, Oregon, May this year.

If unfamiliar, learn what it is and see how school children and the public are indoctrinated with things like “new cloud types”, and how governments, CIA, NASA and billionaires deceive the public into believing spraying the atmosphere with toxic particles is “necessary” – in the name of environment (and taxes).

Get informed and take action now if you want to keep the sun and the blue skies. Visit and support Matt Landman’s work at his web page:

Visit his YouTube channel:…

3 thoughts on “Global Chemtrail Summit 2017 Matt Landman

  1. Until the United Nations is taken down and removed from America , your going to continue to see Agenda 21 and the Spraying go on till the end of the century !

  2. Every president we can remember has participated in this lie. We are victims of chemical weaponry. Besides the metals and chemical parasites, the psych drug lithium is being used with nasa’s admission causing memory loss and feequent urination for some humans.

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