Nurse Testimony - Chemtrail Health Consequences

The Global Chemtrail Summit Portland May 7, 2017

Elana Freeland, Allan Buckman, Clyde Lewis, Raphaelle O’Neil, Maidson Star Moon, Patrick Roddie and Matt Landman

  • Chemtrails Haarp & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth – Elana Freeland
  • Former US Airforce Weatherman on Chemtrails – Allan Buckman
  • Chemtrails and Toxic Skies – Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Radio
  • Funny Clouds – Chemtrails – Raphaelle O’Neil
  • Work Together To Stop Chemtrails – Maidson Star Moon
  • Stop Spraying Us – Patrick Roddie
  • Matt Landman –  An Eye Opening Presentation on Geo-Engineering, AKA “chemtrails”

Chemtrail Summit May 7, 2017 Oregon

7 thoughts on “Chemtrail Summit May 7, 2017 Oregon

  1. These ” Summits ” don’t seem to be doing anything , you have to go to the Budget people and expose our loss of billions , then tell the Tax Payers !

  2. Why are they getting away with it every night last friday there were 4 airplanes spraying over los Angeles ,it makes me so angry

  3. When it comes to Chemtrail, most Americans remain willfully ignorant or just don’t care anymore.

  4. Why none of these truthers in any issue, not only with chemtrails/HAARP/weather weapons talk about the fraud of ‘Governments are Companies’ !?

    We should tell them in the face that THEY ARE THE ONES who have been committing shocking crimes when they have NO authority because they are COMPANIES.

    None of so-called independent media etc tells you this.
    All infiltrated??

    If you don’t have enough courage to stand up and fight back, just join me using the Secret,

    [REVISED] SECRET – Let’s defeat them all!!

  5. As Elana Freeland states, TOO MUCH MONEY – PROFIT involved to resolve – stop this issue. The slaves who call into the comprised ‘selected’ officials will be placed on a ‘list.’

    Enemies of the the state = US Citizens are the Enemy of the Corp state – status quo

  6. Excellent video and info, but it leaves out the TMT…..Thirty Meter Telescope, in Hawaii, this has been given to China.

    Surveillance and Lasar Neuclear weapons… out do the usa.

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