By Jillian MacMath, AccuWeather staff writer
June 10, 2017, 2:29:04 PM EDT

Colorful Clouds to Dot East Coast Skies after NASA Rocket Launch on Sunday June 11 2017

Red, blue and green clouds will dot skies across the East Coast on Sunday evening following a NASA rocket launch in Virginia.

Between 9:04 and 9:19 p.m., a sounding rocket will take off from the Wallops Flight Facility releasing colorful vapor clouds roughly 100 miles above the earth.

Known as “vapor tracers”, the harmless clouds are formed by an interaction between barium, strontium and cupric-oxide.

Cast out between six and 12 miles, the clouds will help NASA scientists on the ground to track particle motions in space.

If the weather-dependent launch goes ahead, sky gazers living from New York to North Carolina will be able to spot the colorful clouds.


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4 thoughts on “Colorful Clouds to Dot East Coast Skies after NASA Rocket Launch on Sunday June 11 2017

  1. And those colorful skies are due to chemical releases. How wonderful. What are we doing using combustion as a a source of energy? We could be using other methods if the tyranny of oil wasn’t determining our science.

  2. What else might there be in the rocket fuel?

    Testing of new applications for dispersement, in that regent of the country?

    It’s nice that they announce it, so the public can feel they are part of something good! LOL

  3. We have to vote to Defund NASA, this is the only way to eviscerate these bastards who have now admitted to joining the criminal element poisoning the earth – so much for their lying – they have lied about everything Now we can use the BIG lie about Stanley Kubrik’s Moon Moon shot filming of the biggest fraud

  4. Milt Farrow – All the government is a house of cards – lies to make money. Moon landing hoax – tin foil hat stuff to put you off the trail. LOL

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