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NBC Today Show: Volutus, Cavum, Asperitas: See the 12 new clouds added to Cloud Atlas

The International Cloud Atlas released its first update in 30 years, adding 12 new cloud types to their list. NBC meteorologist Indra Petersons reports from the Orange Room (and geeks out a little bit).

In honour of World Meteorological Day on March 23, the World Meteorological Organisation has announced the addition of new species to the International Cloud Atlas. This Cloud Atlas is used as a reference document for meteorologists around the world and is an important guide for those working in aviation and at sea.

Dating back to the 19th Century, the Cloud Atlas was last revised in 1987. Today’s additions feature on the new, fully-digital edition and include the rare asperitas, which was added after campaigns by citizen scientists.

12 New Clouds Added to Cloud Atlas


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5 thoughts on “12 New Clouds Added to Cloud Atlas

  1. The three media whores on the video much be taking the red pill.

    Cloud number 13 is called the “No Cloud Cloud”.

  2. …I’m not totally up to speed on chem trails but know enough to question whether spraying ‘muck’ in the air is going to save the planet…what I do have is the absolute amazement that the American people just swallow (and breathe!!) everything that comes their way from corruption to chem trails without challenging anything that should be? The attitude is ” it’s ok, I’ve got my new cell phone so everything must surely be ok” !! …and we think the rise & fall of the Roman empire was a big deal? Well America has risen & fallen already, what’s the odd chem trail going to do? ha ha…. sit back & enjoy a toxic sunset whilst on your phone & Rome burns.. a little too little concern & too late… j

    1. Watch FrankenSkies to get up to speed on the chem trail issue. The best movie to date – The movie includes rare video clips, great collection of mainstream news stories. Matt’s excellent video production skills, brings together all the facts to create an engaging documentary to make the masses aware of this crime scheme.

  3. You all are a bunch of evil lying bastards! How do you sleep at night??!!! These are not clouds and you know it!!! Have you sold your soul out??!!!!!

  4. ..hi NMB…I trust your wrath is directed at the evil doers who have any involvement with the deliberate environmental crimes, similar to war crimes but with an environmental flavour & blame apportioned to any persons involved who are to be judged as criminals …if not then may you go in peace

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