Hospital – Dead in 3 Days After Improper Wound Care

Hospital - Dead in 3 Days After Improper Wound Care
A true story – An 80 old husband took his 80 year wife to the local hospital because she had fallen and had skinned up her arm –  abrasions.
When the husband addressed his concerns about the shoddy wound care,  flimsy bandage, the doctor dismissed his concerns. saying “I am the doctor, what you know?” Wife was rushed off for a MRI (average price $2,500) as the fall could have been caused by a stroke.
The next day husband visited wife with same flimsy bandage no proper wound care, although the MRI showed a ‘minor’ stroke. The husband immediately demanded proper wound care, and it was too late, she had developed MRSA infection and was dead in 3 days.
The bereaved husband said he could have cleaned the abrasion at home  with water, finishing up with hydrogen peroxide, proper dressing, and his wife would be alive today!
The same hospital wrapped a compound humerus fracture in an ace bandage and arm sling, sent patient home….see x-ray
 below.  The “Patient” suffered for 3 months until he received a proper diagnosis.

Hospital - Dead in 3 Days After Improper Wound Care

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7 thoughts on “Hospital – Dead in 3 Days After Improper Wound Care

  1. There is a struggle between Good & Evil going on in this World. Most people do not see it or even acknowledge it but it is certainly evident that something is afoot in society. People need to start listening to their own inner voice ( intuition ) when common sense should tell you to take a closer look at something that doesn’t seem quite right. We have become a gullible people who trust others too much,unfortunately. That has led to deliberate abuses and outright Genocide acroos the world !

  2. Evil has always ruled the world.
    Cultures say follow the experts.
    Experts are only sometimes right.

    Controlling the world…fleecing the sheep….then lamb stew…..the nazi nwo.

  3. I have to point this out. The husband could have take his wife elsewhere. Also he could have cleaned her wound himself, he even described how he would have done it. What stopped him ? Bring the supplies into the hospital in a shopping bag, and clean the would and put on a proper bandage. Don’t say he would have been stopped,that’s not true.

    1. We have been trained to comply and not question authority. The Public Fool system is part of the subliminal control network that includes all print media, radio, T.V., and the internet that has taken away our desire to follow our own instincts. We have been conditioned by these mediums with the use of Symbolism and the changes in definitions of words that we use today that also meant entirely different things in the past. Our “government” and all of it’s varied agencies, which is meant to protect us and our God given rights, has instead usurped power never allotted to it. We Americans have been “hoodwinked” into Serfdom, being controlled and to submit to authority no matter what. Here is a remedy that takes intense study to understand and put to use. Regain your independence and independent thought with the ability to defend yourself and protect yourself ! Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words

  4. ANN – Good point, guess the elderly guy thought the hospital would take care of this and they didn’t.

  5. Ann…

    When the treatment started and forces started to flow… makes it harder to suddenly stop it and make big changes.
    Things properly done from the start make it a better situation.

    Of course ,the story is not full of specifics.

  6. The general public is SO brainwashed. TRUST your Doctor, never be your own Doctor, anything other than Big Pharma or the AMA is quackery and on and on it goes. Only a few of us see through their B.S. and that’s why we kind of stick together. If it were not for that fellowship, we would all go off the deep end.

    Same principle is true of the “mainstream” Churches. They load you up with meaningless B.S from the time you are born….

    The Bible actually addresses this and warns against SORCERY. It’s no coincidence that the original scriptures use the word “Pharmakia” to describe sorcery.

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