Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA – President Trump When Will You Stop the Spraying?

New Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA
Greg Pallen  This went up in Atlanta on Monday to almost 500,000 views per week!  It is right at the junction of Interstate 285 and GA 400!

There is an underlying agenda playing out currently that is driven solely by greed, power, control and deception. American pilots have told me “the climatologists are saying that we need to start spraying or we won’t meet our global warming prevention targets”. But during his campaign, our new president told us that GLOBAL WARMING IS A HOAX …..So….. WHEN WILL HE STOP THE SPRAYING ?

New Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA - President Trump When Will You Stop the Spraying?
Note unnatural clouds in this live shot. Not much sun living under a metal nano particulate dome!

You deserve to know that your health and the health of your loved ones is at risk with every breath you take.

You deserve to know that the destructive weather referred to as ”climate change” is caused by weather modification programs that have been ongoing for over 60 years.

The climate model that is STILL being used to place mandates upon the American people, the UN IPCC Climate Model, does NOT include any of these weather modification programs. To this fact, you deserve to know that it is flawed, fraudulent and unlawful. It is being used to manipulate you into accepting the laws put upon you based on the lie that your carbon “footprint” and CO2 are threatening the environment.

Here are four other KEY reasons why the UN IPCC Climate Model is flawed and fraudulent. Remember, a true scientific model takes into consideration all variables that might affect the outcome and conclusions of the model.

1. The UN IPCC Climate Model does not take into account the spraying of particulates (i.e. Geoengineering /Chemtrails). The spraying of particulates CAUSES WARMING and TOXIFIES EVERYTHING! How can one determine whether we actually have warming if there is an ongoing spraying operation?
2. In UN IPCC Climate Models, there is no mention of increased volcanic activity. Increased volcanic activity causes a commensurate warming and acidification of the oceans while increasing atmospheric CO2.

3. In UN IPCC Climate Models, there is no mention of the purposeful melting of the arctic that has occurred for decades via the spraying of black soot (coal fly ash) .…/part-3-government-documents-lin…/

4. The UN IPCC Climate Model does not reflect solar cycles or sunspots, which could have warming or cooling effects.

Take a stand to protect yourself, your loved ones and all natural life on this earth. Reach out to everyone you know and be willing to discuss this “taboo” topic. Go to your school board and educate them to the fact that “ Homomutatus : Cirrus Homogenitus” is NOT a natural Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA - President Trump When Will You Stop the Spraying?cloud type, but that it is, in fact, a TOXIC NIGHTMARE purposefully being sprayed on all of our children. Contact your local news stations and request appointments to help break through the brain-washing that this system is engaged in. Make your Mayors, your City Councilmen, your Sheriffs, your State Congressmen and your Governors aware of the fact that they will be targeted with this FALSE PROPAGANDA that seeks to justify and legalize these destructive and homicidal aerosol spraying operations.

THANK YOU to EVERY BRAVE SOUL who made this billboard possible! We will reach almost 500,000 sets of eyes per week with this crucial message and many more on social media! Please help support this fight by considering a donation of any amount to

Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA - President Trump When Will You Stop the Spraying?
Bill Board funding campaign – click on picture to donate now!



#1 Best film to educate the masses!! 5 star rating!!


New Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA



3 thoughts on “Aircrap Billboard Atlanta GA – President Trump When Will You Stop the Spraying?

  1. If they really wanted to stop Global Warming and their perception of the cause is carbon , Why has each American President since 1945 insisted on ” Economic Growth ” ? Ronald Reagan was a huge ” Growth ” monger and has even said ” once you’ve seen one Redwood Tree , you’ve seen them all ” , meaning cut’em down for development ! Bill Clinton was insane with ” Roof Tops ” , he even demanded Saturation Housing in California , taking cattle ranches and Farm land and turning it into Massive Housing Developments . Today those lands he destroyed are huge polluters , hundreds of thousands of cars & trucks , traffic grid locks , demanding more energy , filling land fills and crowds of people everywhere . Now we have the Refugees and illegal Aliens filling in areas with even more pollution ! All this Growth going on while the ” Spray Planes ” just keep filling the sky , and for two decades ! it’s not that the CIA is going to ” Start ” the spraying , they’ve been doing it ( Liars ) These maniacs must be drug out of their hiding and dealt with by Americans ! ASAP

  2. Rick Daly,

    One big reason of those problems you wrote is because your Government is just a COMPANY calling itself a ‘Government’
    *We’ve gotta stop giving these criminals our power = $ and vote when they have NO authority.

    Huge traitorous fraud has been going on but the mass got dumbed down, can’t even think properly with their brains, just believe and trust whatever they were told.

    As for Trump, he is yet another Jesuit,
    so I don’t hold my breath at all.

    Even so, it’s GREAT!! you guys put up that sign there.
    Hope more citizens will start THINKING and onto regain that “QUESTIONING mind” again. ;o)

  3. Climate Change Just Changed! CO2 models overestimated by 50%!

    These are the scientists who invented carbon budgets. They’re considered the world’s experts and developed the IPCC models for carbon budgets. They have now concluded that the radiative warming effect of carbon dioxide was overestimated by about 50%, and this has the practical effect of meaning that the amount of CO2 humans can release before hitting the 1.5 degree warming mark is now two to three times higher than the world thought just a day before this paper was published on Sept 18, 2017.

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