Excellent interview – Matt Landman, the director of Frankenskies On The Richie Allen Show Wednesday June 21st 2017

Matt Landman - Geo-engineering Is Total Control Of Food, Water, Weather, Medicine & Movement

Frankenskies – Five Star Rating!! Must see!!


Windmills – Elana Freeland and Billy Hayes talked about windmills and Schumann resonances, further changing the vibration – frequency of the earth.
From the web: Rotation of the large blades from wind turbines create very low frequency pressure fluctuations known as infrasonic sound. The average human ear cannot perceive this as sound because it is below the limit of hearing perception. (hearing sensitivity varies with age, sex, health, exposure to drugs, alcohol, time of day, weather, hearing impairment, state of mind, training, body mass, previous exposure, etc.)
The most intense of the broad band noise created by these larger designs is of this nature
This noise can be understood by Fourier analysis to consist of a complex combination of many sine waves of many frequencies, harmonics and intensities.
The larger the blades – the lower this frequency content.

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