Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas – Great Lakes – Media Ignores

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas - Great Lakes - Media Ignores

Adapt 2030 Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes with dozens of cold records set and temperatures at least 10-15F below normal temperatures and the media remains silent. Last week all you heard was so hot the airplanes can’t take off, but now with record cold during summer and 1/4 of the northern and N.E USA below normal , not a peep. Also global temperatures aren’t rising as expected this summer, which is another indication of the intensifying mini ice age. Snows in Russia the days earlier, meters of snow in South America and atmospheric compression events at dozens of locations planet wide, the changes are indeed beginning to themselves. We are entering a mini ice age.

Global temperatures have fallen back to levels of 20 years ago…
Global Temperatures…
2017 Global Temperatures 

Record cold Dakotas

September-like cool air to plunge into midwestern, northeastern US…

2 thoughts on “Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas – Great Lakes – Media Ignores

  1. I have been against the blaming of CO2 for the climate change. We need to eliminate pollution, but this seemed like a big scheme to pass a tax onto world citizens and the weaponization of weather, Geoengineering, the forest clear cuttings, the spreading of civilization and covering grass and space with more and more asphalt and cement is never discussed. But it may be the Maunder Minimum caused by decreasing solar activity and not caused by humans. For years, I have also said that we are coming into an ice age and mini indicates it will be short, but people are unaware that survival will be difficult due to the difficulty of food production. I keep hearing about oppressive heat…this is the coolest spring I can remember in a long time, but one season is not enough for prediction. Thanks for pointing this out. As always, Elana, you are spreading news not usually heard. Thank you!

  2. It’s been simply FREEZING down here in Victoria, Australia and I see there are still some idiots believing that Maurice Strong-Al Gore’s lie of ‘Global Warming’… If you know anyone like that, please show this to him/her:

    Dr. David Evans Carbon Modeler Says “You’ve been HAD”

    Chemtrails are just not for our weather manipulation incl artificial earthquake, hurricane, etc and making us SICK but literally as WEAPONS w/HAARP and so forth. Really sickening and I find it SO pathetic that many are still believing that lie, their EXCUSE to spray POLLUTION over our heads as that Public Enemy No. 1 David Keith said.

    Wake up!! and wake up others around you!!

    and if you don’t have that courage to fight back head-on like I’ve been doing,
    do this and tell others everyday at least!

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