Nurse Testimony – Chemtrail Health Consequences

Nurse Testimony - Chemtrail Health Consequences

Cathy Geibel, Global Chemtrail Summit

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Cathy Geibel, is a nurse with 37 years of experience in her field.

In this video Cathy speaks to a group of attendees at the recent Global Chemtrail Summit in Oregon.

Being right on the health care battlefield, Cathy sees with her very own eyes what is happening to the people around her.  She validates the  health deterioration that many are now experiencing.

She says she is now seeing things she has never seen before; pneumonia’s from the common cold, atypical pneumonia’s that cannot be explained, alveolar hemorrhage and upswing in Alzheimer’s/Dementia and an inundation in auto immune illnesses.  We are all very depleted in vitamins and minerals because of this daily aerosol assault.

A passionate activist Cathy states we have to “speak up and speak loud”!!

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