Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather

Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather

Truthstream Media Interesting analysis – connecting the dots.


1 thought on “Antarctica Is the Key to Controlling the Weather

  1. It is certainly among the major players in the Future Weapons arms race we face today.
    Good catch on the CIMSS Microwave Pulses. unfortunately, it is rare that the origin of the numerous microwave and other waveforms that appear can be triangulated.
    It is quite often the case that they reside in regions such as the Antarctic where no data exists to cross reference a locale.
    It could be any of the beholden supposed Nation States running a weather Modification op, or a weapons test.
    The USS Ponce being moved to the Sea of Japan near N.Korea is one we may catch in action. While their LaWS Laser system is the likely culprit in the launch pad explosions of N. Korean missiles over recent times, the global loop for the CIMSS imagery runs on a one frame per hour loop. Lots of room for a missed beacon. Then there is the potential of other flaws in their systems or even cyber warfare.
    Bottom line while for years focus has been on the singular region in Ak now known as IRI, – once HAARP – McMurdo and the countless other Ionospheric Heaters in play in the Antarctic are a concern that needs far more exposure.
    Postscript… Hello Truth Stream and Thank you Aircrap.
    Be well, o…

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