Thu. Oct 17th, 2019

Manipulating the European Heat Wave – By Fake News

Manipulating the European Heat Wave – By Fake News

Post by Adapt 2030 With the European “Heat wave” running for the last two weeks, I compared temperatures from 2003, 2006, 2007 and this latest bout of heat. The findings are in line with previous heat during the summer months stretching back to the 1950’s. The media is making this to be the hottest ever in Europe, when in fact it is not. plus the media conveniently leaves out the cooler than normal temperatures all along the boundary edges of the heat in central Europe, and not even discussing the below normal temperatures in North Africa. The IPCC machine is steaming ahead full bore.…………………
European Heatwaves since 1950….……
Front page news 0.3C above average…
July reached the lowest maximum temperature of 25 years
Nullschool European Temps, Heat wave over…
Weatherbell Euro Temperatures…

3 thoughts on “Manipulating the European Heat Wave – By Fake News

  1. Silent Summer – It’s fricken cold in Wisconsin. The other day geese are in V formations flying south. No birds singing, although the Hummingbirds are still here.

    10 years ago the car windshield was clogged with bugs, had to scrape off, now hardly any bugs on windshield.

  2. Brrrrrr!!!! It’s 3 degrees below average temperature here in South East UK – we’ve been lighting our log-burner. The MSM is ignoring this and concentrating on the European Heat Wave. As usual, there is no balance in the reporting and no intelligent analysis because the zombie-masses suck it up and don’t question it :0(

  3. You’ve got that right. I’ve already confronted this “channel” with a conspicuous name Post 2030 with spreading nonsense about global cooling, by selective misrepresentation, in the comment section; no response of course. The European summer is this year actually quite normal, despite the various media reports of the statistics records. Compared to the 2015 with record long heat waves in Southern Europe, this year it is cooler, back to usual. Readers may be influenced by the images of big fires around the Mediterranean; however summer fires are common there. In Northern Europe, very cloudy and much rain; common type of summer weather there. The media in all countries continue to exaggerate the climate impact of the reported weather; the propaganda continues. Our attention is diverted from illegal geoengineering experiments towards the climate impact. Why the propaganda? Maybe they’ll experiment to see if they can indeed create a global cooling.

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