September Protest Rallies – Sen Pan MD – Voiding all Vaccine Exemptions in the US

Senator Richard Pan, MD – who succeeded in getting SB277 passed in California in 2015 is trying to push the agenda with the American Academy of Pediatricians to take away all exemptions throughout the US!




Dear Leaders,

Chicago – There are two very important pro-vax events coming up next month: 20th Global Vaccine and Immunization Summit in Houston on Sept.18-19, and the 2017 AAP [American Academy of Pediatrics] National Conference & Exhibition on Sept. 16-19 in Chicago.  In the latter conference, Senator Richard Pan, MD – who succeeded in getting SB277 passed in California in 2015 – will debate with a Doctor Katz – who is both pro-vax and pro-choice – whether non-medical exemptions from school vaccine requirements should be allowed.
Houston – Sept 18 -19 – A protest rally created by Sheila Ealey (Mother of twins in Vaxxed) is planned for the Houston meeting.  So far, the confirmed speakers are Del Bigtree, Dr. Stephanie Seneff (M.I.T. professor in Vaxxed), Brother Tony Muhammad, Marcella Piper-Terry, Dr. Judy Mikovitch, Dawn Richardson, Nick Johansen, James Lyons-Weller, Joshua Coleman, James Meehan MD, Ted Fogarty MD, and Sheila Lewis Ealey.
There is a plan of action within Illinois for an informational rally, with messaging supporting our stance, at the AAP meeting in Chicago.
In most of the past rallies that I have been to, we have not been handing out information to passers-by.  We are missing a big opportunity here!  I talk to people on planes, in taxis, in line at Starbucks, etc., and hand out flyers and cards from and  I leave information business cards in public bathrooms, and put one on the rack with the gift cards when I go into Starbucks.  On only one occasion out of hundreds have I found someone to be very resistive to my message.  Many are very grateful, and others have something new to think about and research.  In order to really make a change in this fight, we have to get more of the public on our side.  Most of them are simply uneducated on the subject.  As you know, most doctors are also uneducated on the subject.  Legislators are followers.  They won’t act until public opinion is stronger than Pharma money in their eyes
Italy put us to shame with 75,000 protesters against their new vaccine mandates!  We need to do the same, and hand out vaccine information to the conference attendees, and as many people walking by as we can!  We already have terrific flyers and promo pieces from, and others.  These websites have materials that can be downloaded (for free) and printed.  I hope to have another flyer – that shows the decline in infectious diseases occurring before vaccination was introduced – ready in time for the conferences.
The two conferences noted above are on the same days, but one is in Houston and one is in Chicago.  It would be excellent if as many people as possible would try to go to the one closest to them!
We can win this fight!!!
Warm regards
Lucy Cole