Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Does The Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?

Does The Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?

Image source - David Dees Illustration

Catherine J. Frompovich 
Activist Post

Several years ago after I became convinced that there is a chemtrail spraying agenda, I decided that I would not fly again, even though I would like to visit some far off places since, basically, I’m retired. My late husband and I enjoyed numerous trips abroad, so traveling by plane is not new to me, and I also did it for business trips too. However, I’ve decided to “walk my talk” and not financially support chemtrail spraying airlines since independent civilian airlines are contracted to spray chemtrails. Did you know that?

Harold Saive documents commercial airlines spraying chemtrails in this convincing YouTube:

1 thought on “Does The Airline You Fly Spray Chemtrails?

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