Fake News Promoting Fake Minnesota Measles Outbreak

Fake News Promoting Fake Minnesota Measles Outbreak

Minnesota: Somali father of fourteen year old who regressed into autism a day after receiving the MMR states that the media is lying, both about the fake “measles outbreak” among Somali and the idea that Somali parents have been “misled” by Wakefield. “We knew what was going on… before Wakefield visited… the media is not telling the truth. The media is working for the pharmaceutical campaign.”

The father talks about the devastation this injury has caused his family. Right after the MMR his son started having seizures, lost his speech, the doctor said this is normal and not to worry. The father asked for a clinical evaluation and was ignored. The boy should have been immediately reported the the vaccine injury date base VAERS (is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S. – licensed vaccines) so the family could obtain funds for the future care of their son (now 14 years old), who requires 24 hour care and can’t speak.  Due to their autistic son’s injury, the family can’t stay in rental housing – asked to leave after a short time because of the noise his son makes. Father states 50 children have autism in their community.

Fake News Promoting Fake Minnesota Measles Outbreak
Note – No Unvaccinated visitors – show your papers!

Minnesota health officials declare end to the measles outbreak that sickened 79

Note – no deaths….

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  1. Measles is temporary. Autism is not. Measles is innocuous (source: “How to Raise a Healthy Child IN SPITE of Your Doctor”, by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn). Autism is definitely NOT innocuous. The NWO funded pharmaceutical companies are under orders to lower the world population, and vaccines are one way out of many they’re doing this.

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