MRI Nearly Killed Chuck Norris’ Wife Gena

Chuck Norris Sues 11 Drug Companies for ‘Poisoning’ Wife

Full Measure has learned the FDA is planning a public meeting as it grapples with a little-known but serious risk from a common medical procedure: MRIs. The danger comes from an injected chemical agent a heavy metal called gadolinium used to enhance the images. Doctors used to think it was quickly expelled from the body.

In 2015, the FDA approved the first gadolinium MRI contrast agent for infants and babies under age two!

Chuck Norris – I’m posting this on behalf and at the request of my wonderful wife. This is Gadolinium awareness week! My wife Gena is a survivor of Gadolinium poisoning and because of it she has made many new friends that have or are also currently suffering from the same effects of Gadolinium poisoning. It’s heartbreaking to see anyone suffer! It took a very long time for Gena to get well. She tells her story better than me, so I’ll stop there. We encourage anyone who believes they have been poisoned or knows someone who has been poisoned by a Gadolinium contrasting agent to get help immediately.
Please watch, post and share. We need your help in raising awareness and to stop what’s happening. Gena and I thank-you all for your support! Sincerely, Chuck and Gena

MRI Gadolinium Contrast Awareness


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MRI Gadolinium Toxicity Illnesses

Marie Routhier White Hello,
I wanted to share my daughter’s experience with you. She had posted this on another site a year ago. I was gald to find this group and hope there may be some information that will help someone. Here is her post:
Hi all,
My name is Gena Norris and I am a survivor of Gadolinium poisoning. My very kind mother had posted on my behalf on this blog site. It has taken more than two years to recovery from this near death experience. Calling it a nightmare is an understatement and was as hard on my precious family as it was on me. I would like to share with each of you that there is hope after being poisoned by Gadolinium, but you will need to seek out help to rid your body of this toxic metal outside of mainstream/conventional medicine. I have literally been all over the world to get well. It is very important that you find a good Integrative or Naturopathic Doctor who understands and possesss the knowledge and experience to treat you with the proper chelation therapy. He or she will run all the appropriate tests to confirm Gadolinium heavy metal poisoning and the test will also show any other heavy metals that your body may be retaining. In my case the Gadolinium numbers were so high they were off the chart… I was almost dead by the time I got to the right doctor that they had to spend a couple of weeks just getting my body stable enough to start the chelation therapy. My doctors consulted many scientists around the country about what chelating agent might be used to chelate out Gadolinium as this heavy metal problem is relatively a new issue and is a metal not naturally found in the human body. Any problem or disease caused by Gadolinium being injected into the human body is completely man made. I have used many things to chelate the Gadolinium out of my body, including Desferal (which is an Iron chelator)…. Gadolinium binds to Iron… You will need Iron shots to replace the Iron lost. It is a hard treatment and I would personally not recommend using it… Calcium EDTA, Sodium EDTA are good choices and all are done intravenously… After about 40 IV’s mostly of Calcium EDTA, I continued with a least 40 Sodium EDTA suppositories… With my Gad numbers getting much lower I then continued the chelation process with Alpha Lipoic Acid, cilantro and carrots…. You’ll need to take some type of pectin either apple or citrus while you chelate, so the metals can bind to something and be expelled from the body, otherwise your body will just reabsorb some of the metal. A knowledgeable doctor will be replacing all the good minerals that are being lost while going through the treatment. I won’t lie…. It is pure hell, but you really have no choice. It is your best option. Gadolinium poisoning is either life threatening at best and fatal at the worst. If you leave it in the body it will go everywhere and seeps deeper and deeper into your tissue, cells, organs (including your brain) and then into your bones. It has to come out. Conventional medicine (including the best hospitals) like the Mayo Clinic know of Gadolinium poisoning, but don’t treat it and most will say there is nothing that can be done…that is simply not true… I had a well known lab measure almost every chelation I did through a urine test, so I could keep track of the amount of Gadolinium my body was releasing until the number was 0. It was measured that I chelated out over 2mls of Gadolinium…It took almost 1 1/2 years to get it completely out of my body and my number is now 0…. None detected.

I have gone from being suspected of having ALS and on deaths door to almost fully recovered. It has only been by the power of prayer… a strong faith in God, the love of my family and friends and the great care of the right doctors at the right time to get me where I am today and the same can happen for you. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please let me know… There is so much more to my recovery, but this is the most important first step for you. I pray that this horrible practice will stop so no one else will be hurt and something new and safe will be found to help doctors find the information they need to help people. Stay strong, keep the faith and don’t lose hope. Sincerely, Gena


Full Measure News

It turns out that’s not always the case and it makes a small percentage of people very sick, as it did the wife of American icon Chuck Norris.

Gena Norris: I just heard that still small voice deep inside of me that said, Gena your body is dying. And I walked out of the bathroom and he just took one look at me and he knew; I’m about to lose my wife.

Sharyl: You took one look at her; what did you see?

Chuck Norris: Well I saw death in her eyes. I saw her dying and I said, you know, I’ve got to do something.

For Chuck Norris and his wife, the nightmare began when Gena had three MRIs in one week to evaluate her rheumatoid arthritis. The MRIs triggered a cascade of mysterious health issues that nearly killed her.

Gena Norris: I was in the emergency room for like 5 or 6 nights in a row and the symptoms had continued to get worse and worse. And by the fourth, fifth, sixth night, the burning just kept traveling and I would go in and they’d say, well what’s wrong with you? And I’m like I, I don’t know. I don’t feel good. And I’m just, I’m burning. I, that’s all I can tell you is I’m burning all over. I feel like I have acid everywhere in my tissues, I’m just, I’m on fire.

Doctors tested her for everything from cancer to ALS, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis, but were mystified. Gena began a desperate search and turned up published literature and patient accounts pointing to one thing: poisoning from a substance injected into her before the MRI. It contains a toxic heavy metal called gadolinium.

Gena Norris: When we got to the hospital in Houston this last time, and I’m so bad and I said, listen, I am sober enough in my thinking right now, because I had such brain issues going on, I said I’m only going to be able to tell you this one time and I need you to listen to me very closely. I have been poisoned with gadolinium or by gadolinium and we don’t have much time to figure out how to get this out of my body or I am going to die.

Chuck Norris: I can take her anywhere in the world, I’m blessed enough to have the money to do that, but where do I take her?

The answer was alternative medicine in China, where these photos were taken and before that, at a clinic in Reno, Nevada where Gena received intensive treatment for gadolinium poisoning and slowly came back to life.

Chuck Norris: Well the thing is, is when we got there, she couldn’t swallow. And so they were having to feed her baby food just to be able to get food down her, her esophagus.

Gena Norris: There were so many other problems, you know that I was having, by then my arm is completely drawn up like this. I mean,

I laid in a bed in that clinic for five months on IVs, every day and my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful husband, who I’m so thankful, thank you, baby, laid on a couch next to me for five months and read. How many books?

Chuck Norris: Seventeen books.

Gena Norris: He read, but he didn’t leave me and we were away from our children. They were still, our youngest, we have 7 kids and our youngest are twins and they were about 11 at the time. And as I’m lying in the bed, I’m just saying over and over again, I’m going to live to raise my kids. I’m going to live to raise my babies.

Her treatment revealed that the gadolinium, which was supposed to be gone from her body hours after each MRI, had remained in astonishing levels that were literally off the charts.

Gena Norris: This is in the danger zone and you will see that I stayed at the level for a very, very long time.

Gadolinium based contrast agents, often referred to as “dye,” are injected in patients in about a third of 60 million MRIs per year. It can provide better images for some diagnoses such as brain cancer. Doctors long insisted it’s quickly expelled from the body through the kidneys.

But internal FDA documents show that more than a decade ago, scientists understood that wasn’t always the case. Starting in early 2006, they recognized a “strong association between gadolinium contrast agents and NSF,” nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, a deadly disease that causes thickening and tightening of skin and organs.

GE and Bayer have admitted no fault but confidentially settled hundreds of lawsuits involving their gadolinium contrast agents. In 2015, the FDA approved the first gadolinium MRI contrast agent for infants and babies under age two.

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  1. I’m not surprised the medical mafia isn’t saying boo about this! Great article by the way! Also, Rheumatoid arthritis can be defeated by some dietary changes, specifically going for a more ‘meat based’ diet, stay away from refined carbohydrates, sugar and vegetable oils. Eat organic meats, liver and cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil. You can eat grains, but make sure to soak them first. I highly recommend reading “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, as well as “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Dr. Weston A. Price. Watch your food sources.

  2. Stay away from MD doctors! They are not trained to keep you healthy, only to milk you of all of your money and then your life.
    ND doctors are naturopathic doctors, they are trained to keep you healthy and know what to do and what not to do.
    I have found a couple good NDs online,
    FireyourMDnow is Dr Peter Glidden
    Dead Drs don’t lie is Dr Joel Wallach
    Be careful who you listen to about medical treatment, MDs are getting rich and curing no one!

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