The Fix Is In: Irma Steered North Into Florida To Cause Disaster

Published on Sep 10, 2017


Published on Sep 8, 2017
(Fri.) Hurricane Irma has been targeted with pinpoint microwave RF energy overnight and the storm has diminished slightly, and is now generating 150 MPH winds with CAT4 status. Notice the dimple marks from the microwave transmitter on the Northwest quadrant in the Visible Light map. Those areas are where the transmitter has targeted the storm. The microwave targeting super heats and disrupts the convective process in the bands of the storm as well as the eyewall of the storm which is also visible in the maps. The eyewall becomes elongated for a period of time – looking like a football, and then rebuilds itself. The color change in the IR map confirms the depth of the water vapor around the center changes after the microwave hits near the eyewall. This targeting and weakening of the hurricane seems to be too little too late as Florida is dead ahead in Irma and the weather controller’s cross hairs. High pressure is apparent on the South and West sides of this hurricane which is helping to steer the storm in a more Northwest trek, but currently, in the maps with the grid turned on, the storm seems to be tracking due West, but this may change. Hurricane Jose is on the heels of Irma and is now also generating 150 MPH winds (CAT4) but has a higher central pressure; the storm will probably intensify in those 83-85F waters.
Irma  Popularly spelled “Erma” Origin: German. Meaning Goddess of War.
Harvey – Germanic words meaning “army” and “battle.”
February 6 – 7, 2008
David Skaggs Research Center
Boulder, Colorado
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with the organizational
assistance of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The potential loss of life, physical devastation, economic impact and loss of public confidence posed by
a major hurricane could be as detrimental to the United States as any terrorist attack. These threats are
significant and appear to be increasing as a result of continued population shifts to coastal areas and
potentially from the resultant changes to the environment. This trend is evidenced by the destruction
caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 and Andrew and Iniki at the end of the Twentieth
An international group of recognized experts in the disciplines related to hurricane formation,
dynamics and modification gathered to present, discuss and assess hypotheses that might have potential
applicability to DHS’s mission to protect the nation from natural disasters caused by Hurricanes.
Discussions were focused on how best to modify hurricanes in such a way to minimize its destructive
forces. Two potential areas of interest were: 1) Changing a hurricane’s course and 2) Reducing the
destructive forces by either reducing the winds or rains that accompany a hurricane.

5 thoughts on “The Fix Is In: Irma Steered North Into Florida To Cause Disaster

  1. Anything to validate weather modification. Is this what this is all about. Mess with the weather, create the problem of weather, then offer the solution, more messing with the weather. sounds like a plan!

  2. I have a unique opportunity to witness weather modification on a near daily basis I live ,as the crow flies . aprox. 100 miles from the exact geographic center of the United States. I actually give the Albuquerque weather news people a heads up when I see them crisscross in the skies with their chemtrails and in all likelihood will create a “high”. of course they’re just reading the government script As I write this I see rainclouds in Arizona and Colorado but no full well that it’s not going to rain because of their manipulation

  3. Fear porn (psychopath’s wet dream) pushed by ‘fake news’ – disrupt your life, travel to get away and NO GAS, stranded by road side with 93 degree temps because of NO GAS.
    Now those that have fled, can’t get gas to get back home.
    Parent’s concerned about getting their children back to the brainwashing schools are stressed out, because it could take days – weeks to get back home.
    Schools are left leaving parents hanging – no time when school will start – given the mass evacuation.
    The psychopaths are having great fun!!!

  4. Please stay on this topic of geoengineering. Weather is so important to all Americans. This can be the breakthrough topic that brings all to the Shadow government manipulating overall revelations.

  5. Those fallen angels are plucking the strings of their evil HAARP. I figured it was something to do with that. And, they made sure to throw in an earthquake as well. I noticed that when they were using HAARP during Haiti’s earthquake, they caused a severe snowfall in the eastern part of the USA. Just before this all happened, though, we could see bright flashes of light in the sky, and could not locate the direction they were coming from. And, seeing as it was in FEB, this was not ‘heat lightning.’
    I figured they were using HAARP and other things to steer the weather. In the Bible, Revelations says that there will be many more earthquakes, hurricanes and floods during the end times.
    Don’t forget, God wins, evil loses in the end. 🙂

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