Hurricane Irma Pictures

Hurricane Irma Pictures


Hurricane Irma Pictures
The photo was taken by Laura Aguiar of Miami.

Hurricane Irma PicturesHurricane Irma Pictures

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  1. The Various Utilities had no ” LIve People manning the phones, so we were not able to tell Florida Plunders & Loot”
    That there was a live wire generating god knows 660Volts and a few thousands amps creating an “arc Welding Unit” in the mid -road way -as well we all knew in one grid where the offending Breaker on a Transformer was as we could see it “was an open switch, but we kept getting the Mechanical Moron asking the usual inane meaningless questions
    FOR SHAME COPORATE AMERICA you are certainly not making Americas great again- As well what was Pasco transair geo engineering doing above Texas on August 24th? We need to hold preop[le who are manipulating the weather accountable , “Pilots can no longer say ” “I was just following orders” as Hitler’s generals did while committing mass genocide !

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