Houston TX – US Air Force Spraying 6 Million Acres With Chemicals in Response to Harvey

Houston TX - US Air Force Spraying 6 Million Acres With Chemicals in Response to Harvey

NALED Organophosphate Poisoning Pesticide was sprayed by air from military aircraft over the Houston area. This was done previously over Miami and Puerto Rico in the past with devastating health results. Naled -DIBROM (Spelled backwards – MORBID) is a controversial pesticide banned in Europe, which has been linked to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in infants.

The insecticide Naled, manufactured and sold by a strategic partner of Monsanto, is currently banned in the European Union due to the “unacceptable risk” it presents to human health.

Amid statewide efforts to clean up the aftermath left by the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Pentagon announced last week that it had dispatched C-130H Sprayers from the Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing in order to “assist with recovery efforts in eastern Texas.” However, these “recovery efforts” have little to do with rebuilding damaged structures or with the resettlement of evacuees. Instead, they are set to spray chemicals in order to help “control pest insect populations,” which they allege pose a “health risk to rescue workers and residents of Houston.”

The Pentagon has requested that the planes treat more than 6 million acres throughout the Houston area. The Air Force notes that the current effort is “expected to significantly surpass previous [spraying] missions in scope,” specifically the spraying campaigns that followed Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Read more: http://www.mintpressnews.com/post-harvey-insect-control-damage-humans-honey-bees/231855/ 

Houston TX - US Air Force Spraying 6 Million Acres With Chemicals in Response to Harvey
Spray areas shaded in yellow (PDF)

8 thoughts on “Houston TX – US Air Force Spraying 6 Million Acres With Chemicals in Response to Harvey

  1. It’s bad enough for the people of Houston and almost the whole state of Texas, but what about what the wind will carry!!!! Eventually it will all be blown to other neighboring states and it won’t be just Texans getting sick.
    I can’t believe they are doing this in the name of protecting the people. Lord God, come soon!!!

  2. Of course the Air Force is spraying NALED Organophosphate Poisoning Pesticide all over the part of Texas impacted by Hurricane Harvey. What people need to see is the overlapping piece of this complex Genocide Agenda beginning with the Conference in 1987 in which Edmund De Rothschild made the totally false assertion that so called “Global Warming” is “being caused by CO2” thus creating the “Global Warming Scam” that led to Geoengineering being used to “protect us” from this non existent threat which is actually caused by the Spraying trapping the sun’s heat close to the surface! ( See https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_rothschild37.htm

    With the CIA controlled media beating the drumbeat, and non scientist celebrity morons such as Al Gore and Leondardo Di Caprio being used to push the ruling elite’s so called “Climate Change” genocide agenda, most people can’t see through the spin so become willing participants in the ruling elite’s genocide/ population control scheme!

    Via Geoengineering, we’re being sprayed with billions of metric tons of toxic heavy metals including aluminum dioxide, barium, strontium, arsenic; chemicals such as ethylene dibromide and mycoplasma, but the worst thing being sprayed is weaponized parasites such as Calembola and others that were tweaked via nanotechnology in a bioweapons lab at Stanford for the purpose of boring into our lung tissue and executing various pathological “missions” in order to hijack our natural biology to turn it synthetic….

    I just sent this newsletter out today to my global subscribers with information about how we can detoxify ourselves to protect ourselves from this evil agenda http://ymlp.com/z4KLL7 Please forward it to more people! If you want to subscribe to my free double opt in newsletter, you can at http://www.iahf.com Questions? jham@iahf.com or call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific Toll Free North America….

  3. isnt this the same area that was the focus of jade helm? is this what they were practicing for?

  4. We humans are so arrogant, narcissistic…we have no inkling about the complexity and interconnectedness of life yet we blindly go playing a little demi god or whatever. Non-specific pesticide is about as stupid as we can be. Did they do this with Katrina? What were the results? They are spraying every day, 24/7 all over the world in order to ‘control’ the weather. That is the main reason for spraying anyway. Since the 1920’s. Go LOOK UP the patents on geoengineering of weather! This spraying is real…forget about CO2, absolutely no problems whatsoever in the past, present or future. Dang our governments are just rotten!

  5. So many questions, so few correct answers. Who chose Monsanto for this spraying? This company has caused the loss of property and lives all over the world. Read about their lawsuit with a farmer in Canada who they accused of stealing their genetically modified grain. It was outrageous. There genetically modified foods should be labeled. If they are so proud of GMOs why aren’t they advertising them with a label?


  6. I used to sell this chemical when I was with an Ag. Co. Would never work for such an evil co. again. I hope u don’t work for an evil co.

  7. Any excuse to spray toxic Monsanto made poisons on everyone! Then it gets into the water supply and causes birth defects, then they’ll blame that on the fake “Zika” virus and they’ll spray even more of it, then repeat until dead.
    Revelations is coming true.

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