Demand That Gerber Baby Foods Remove GMOs & Get Non-GMO Project Verified

In the wake of the passage of the DARK Act into law, it is most important to know which product labels can be trusted and what they mean. Avoiding GMOs and toxic agrochemicals are important to our health and the health of growing, vulnerable babies and children.


Since January 2013, GMO Free USA has been calling for Gerber (a subsidiary of Nestlé USA) to remove GMOs from all of the baby foods and formulas it sells in the USA/North America and to obtain independent verification from the Non-GMO Project across their entire product line. After more than three hard years of campaigning by GMO Free USA, Gerber announced in February of 2016 that their baby formulas are now all non-GMO. Unfortunately, Gerber’s non-GMO claims have not been independently verified by the Non-GMO Project, nor has the company addressed the GMOs in other baby food products which are not certified organic, such as Lil’ Crunchies, which contain GMO Bt corn, as documented by independent laboratory tests. [1]

Demand That Gerber Baby Foods Remove GMOs & Get Non-GMO Project VerifiedWhen contacted, Gerber’s representatives did not know the standard being used by their company to define “non-GMO”, if there is any allowable level of GMO contamination, or whether any of the vitamins were created using synthetic biology, an extreme form of genetic engineering. While we commend Gerber for taking a step in the right direction, without independent verification, parents cannot be confident that Gerber’s products are truly non-GMO.

Gerber products that are sold in the USA/North America, and are not certified organic, contain genetically modified ingredients such as GMO corn and soy, which have increasingly been linked to health problems. GMO Bt corn is an EPA registered pesticide. If found on the shelf at Home Depot, the corn would be required to bear a label with the EPA Pesticide Registration Number. Every cell of the corn manufactures Bt toxins which kill insects when they bite into it. In a recent 90 day feeding study on rats, corn containing these Bt toxins was found to cause damage to the small intestines, which included fissures and damage to the villi, finger-like structures in the intestine that absorb nutrients from food. [2] Bt toxins have been found to cause cell membrane death in human beings [3] as well as other alarming health effects [4]. GMO soy has been linked to infertility and reproductive problems [5].

GMO crops are sprayed with glyphosate-based herbicides. Glyphosate was classified as probably carcinogenic to humans by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2015. [6] Glyphosate is systemically absorbed into the crops and has also been found to be genotoxic, neurotoxic, and an endocrine disruptor [7][8]. A recent study found that it causes non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at very low levels. Roundup has also been linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). [9]

In 1999, Gerber committed to stop using GMO ingredients. [10] At some point following, the company reneged on this commitment. In 2012, Hans Jöhr, head of sustainable agriculture for Nestlé, Gerber’s parent company, stated, “We have a very simple way of looking at GM: listen to what the consumer wants. If they don’t want it in products, you don’t put it in them.” [11]Nestlé removed GMOs from baby foods in South Africa in 2013 due to consumer demands. American babies deserve the same non-GMO foods that Nestlé sells in other countries.

We are calling on Gerber to re-instate their commitment to remove GMOs from all of their products and obtain independent verification from the Non-GMO Project.

After you sign the petition, CALL Gerber at 800-284-9488 (24/7) and demand that they remove GMOs and get Non-GMO Project Verification for all of their products. Then tell them on their Facebook page:


Farmington Town of, CT

5 thoughts on “Demand That Gerber Baby Foods Remove GMOs & Get Non-GMO Project Verified

  1. Please remove the poision in our air food and water
    You people are mentally unstable
    WHO allows this

  2. DONT buy ANY Brands. Start there. Make our grown own raise own. STOP feeding your family and babies poisoned brands. ALL brands are poisoned. Depopulation agenda Google it

  3. Baby food is so fast and EASY to make !! Just purée fresh, organic fruits and/or vegetables in a food processor. You can find great recipes all over the Internet. We don’t need these big food companies….we are paying them too much money to make us sick. Let’s wake up and get back in the kitchen and prepare ‘ real food’ . And avoid processed food…. If it has a label on it don’t buy it !

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