Global Warming Causes Early N. Hemisphere Snow and Arctic Ice Increase

Global Warming Causes Early N. Hemisphere Snow and Arctic Ice Increase

Post from Adapt 2030 Summer snow starts in California, causing pile-ups on the slick roads, but wait for it, global warming will be blamed. This is the new media move as the cold, snow and Arctic ice increase. The intensification of the effects of our Sun changing Earth’s climate will be obvious for all to see this year, that’s why the media will go into full court press damage control over what the people of our planet will see in front of their eyes.

The media will try to convince you that what your eyes are seeing is false. California skiers hit slopes in September, and all summer……… Edmonton Alberta Canada. Sept. 19 Snow in Edmonton, Stony Plane, calling for 15 cm. Average for Sept is 1cm, record 1971 7.5 cm, this storm 15cm. Whitecourt and Hinton area.

Not that it never snows early, but it should not be snowing with the leaves still on the trees.……… Temperature Map… Summer snow in the mountain forecast, but not for long… Chesaw, WA … 3days left in summer … it’s snowing now. From wildfires to snow at Crystal Mountain… ‘It’s been coming down in bucketfuls’: Jasper ski area sees unprecedented early-season snowfall ‘I have never, never seen this kind of snow at the end of September,’ says Marmot Basin spokesperson CBC News Posted: Sep 20, 2017 6:00 PM MT Last Updated: Sep 20, 2017 6:38 PM MT… Never seen anything like it”: a violent storm sows death in Romania… ADAPT 2030 Mini Ice Age FB Page Content Provided by David DuByne You can also find this Mini Ice Age Conversations podcast on iTunes / Stitcher Radio / Soundcloud

2 thoughts on “Global Warming Causes Early N. Hemisphere Snow and Arctic Ice Increase

  1. It’s been a VERY cold summer this year again, and we’re in the East Coast. It’s down to 44 degrees Farenheit! The sock puppets in the news brush it off, but we had a few days of (GASP!) 80 degree weather last week and they make sure to say ‘unseasonable warm’ (it’s not), but 44 degree nights in late September? Oh, they barely even mention it, in fact they say the low temperatures very quickly. They’re only fooling themselves.
    We had a late frost this spring a full MONTH after the usual ‘last frost date of April 22nd’. It was in the end of May! People were complaining this year about their tomato plants not ripening on time.
    Why the switch from Global warming to ‘climate change’?
    Are they going to whip up some more hurricanes again?
    Great article, as always!

  2. Oh, PS also I’m SURE the cold doesn’t have anything to do with them spraying chemtrails 24/7 over the entire world to block out the sun’s rays and decrease the temperature, sort of like when Krakatowa erupted and made it super cold for a few years afterwards.

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