Interview at Houston FEMA Camp – Red Cross Rip Off – No $400 Checks

Post Source Independent Citizen News – No one is qualifying for the $400 Red Cross check.

Residents were told water from the dam would be released at 2AM (WTF) then water was released at mid-night stranding residents in their homes!! Agenda 21

B. Rich and friends are helping a family of 6 rebuild their home in  TX – They lost everything and had to sleep in a van that washed up near their home. Way to go B Rich!!!


Independent Citizen Action Network (ICAN) Is the community service wing of Independent Citizen News LLC. Since 2015 we have done relief efforts for 2 floods and a chemical spill.

You can see our history on our facebook page.

Our goal here is to assist in any capacity of relief we can, we currently are planning on Hands On Relief once the water recedes.
Please contact me at

Donations can be made Via GoFundMe, PayPal, and Major Credit Cards through streamlabs.



Red Cross Scam – Rip Off

The second worst offender this year is Marsha J. Evans, President and CEO of the American Red Cross…her salary for the year ending in 2009 was $651,957 plus expenses. She enjoys six weeks of fully paid holidays including all related expenses during the holiday trip for her and her husband and kids. She also receives a 100% fully paid health and dental plan for her and her family, for life. This means out of every dollar they bring in, about $0.39 goes to related charity causes.

1 thought on “Interview at Houston FEMA Camp – Red Cross Rip Off – No $400 Checks

  1. The Red Cross has been BS ever since WW2. It’s all about money money money…for THEM.

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