Fedex Turns on Aerosols over Coachella Valley CA

Fedex Turns on Aerosols over Coachella Valley CA

Using Flight Tracker, Dan shows that commercial and cargo jets are being used to spray aerosols and proves that these are not water vapor contrails.


12 thoughts on “Fedex Turns on Aerosols over Coachella Valley CA

  1. back in the 90s when Nick Begich’s book came out. I learned about the aerosol spraying I was so incensed, that in the Walmart parking lot in Berryville, Arkansas, I ran up to some shoppers, pointed to the sky and said something like…see, see those chem trails…that isn’t a contrail…they’re spraying chemicals and heavy metals. They all but made the sign of the cross and scurried away, probably sure that I had escaped from an institution. I am a retired psychologist. I have calmed down a bit, but I am still outraged. Friends still tolerate me but believe I am a “conspiracy theorist”. The CIA has used this propaganda technique and it has been very successful in convincing people that there is nothing to it.


  3. Bay Area heavily sprayed last few days. Watched spray lines spread and whiten sky then form a vibration pattern and morph into soft clumps of small “clouds”.

  4. Maybe we should all boycott FedEx to bring attention to this, and this will bring attention to the greater issue. This is big news if it is verified.

  5. Millions of Americans are aware of this aerosol spraying, yet not one single member of Congress or any agency of the Federal Government will answer any questions.
    1. Who is doing this spraying? Who authorized this spraying of
    2. Who authorized this spraying of dangerous chemicals over our skies?
    3. What is the purpose of spraying these dangerous chemicals raining down on humans, animals and the environment?

    1. I’m no expert; but the over simplified answer is: No one is sure who All the players are, nor where All the different air strips are located. And no one wants to admit to knowing/acknowledging anything.
      If you dig deep, one can see & site the actual legislation/s. But, when one asks a direct question to an elected official, about that law or committee…they develop amnesia…or become silent…or say something like, (as it its a state secret) “we can’t comment on that”.

  6. How do these passenger planes spray? Aren’t the chemicals loaded up on empty planes?

    1. I’ve seem to recall a pic about, and what looked like, a huge parking lot, out West, for mostly commercial aircraft…instead of warehousing apartments or cars, it was a giant outdoor warehouse/storage site for mostly large commercial aircraft. I think that was around the time of Katrina…when airlines grounded and “excessed” a lot of craft.
      It wouldn’t be noticed, nor difficult, for a high level Elitist to arrange for one or more of unmarked, hollowed out, ( of passenger seats) replaced w/tanks of aerosol, do they’re nasty job, also arrange for flight comptrollers to not “notice” the unplanned *blips* on radar; and, either return the “borrowed” craft; or “disappear” that jet to a new “undetermined” (private/corporate) location. It might even be possible to have insurance company money as compensation for the (mis-)use of a purportedly stolen plane… “>>>I mean, …your Honor…when we took inventory…it had vanished.” And if noboby complains, who’s going to know the difference?
      But then, that’s just the wild eyed speculation of a conspiracist….right?
      Just remember…PAL are the same crew that brought you Agent Orange, deny 9/11, didn’t provide Saddam Insane with WMD, didn’t invent the name Al Quieda, nor payroll them in Afganistan, nor bankroll them as they morphed into Isis.
      Everybody seems to Foreget. Especially a bigwig confronted w/ an ugly moment…”…what are you saying…I don’t remember that.” Seems to be a lot of that Flying around these days…oh…yeh…flying…I don’t seem to recall that.

  7. “We The People”…need to take our country back from the tyrants. Read your state constitution and bill of rights as well as the US constitution and bill of rights. We have the right to abolish the government since we created them. Are we willing to stand up? The only way to stop all this nonsense is to get into the government seats ourselves. Then we can make the necessary corrections. Give that some thought. Refer to Michael Badnarik on you tube for constitution explanation. He does a wonderful job.

  8. It used to be planes. There is a far more cost effective, covert delivery system that requires no landing strips, no personnel, and can be run 24/7

    Drones. All these particles make it super easy to project a hologram. Like fog at a laser show. But add Military Industrial Complex-level technology and resources.

  9. Peace all, as this is absolutely unexceptable, the fact there are still those who see and understand, try to point it out to people and pure ignorance, in Montana those people are getting hammered bad, and now in Oregon, it is terrible, didn’t have my camera but caught a helicopter spraying what ended up to be enfluenza flu virus these people are killing us it’s our own government and who protects these genocidal meaniacs? the police

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