Geoengineering Satanic Signs In The Sky

Geoengineering Satanic Signs In The Sky

Geoengineering Satanic Signs In The Sky – Watch Till The End – I received several anonymous emails from the same person with the following pictures and videos attached. I have never seen some of the chemtrail formations that were sent to me. Diabolical indeed. Thank you Anonymous !!! Source Victurus Libertas VL

Source vaticanheavens

5 thoughts on “Geoengineering Satanic Signs In The Sky

  1. The things that I am seeing – and have been seeing for quite some time – are incredible. I challenge everyone reading this to grab a camera or your smart phone and start taking pictures of ALL the chem-clouds in the sky. Although you may not see anything at the time, once you download the images and examine them, you WILL see some truly strange things. This morning we had a perfect blue sky.. then came dozens of aerosol sorties.. The patterns in the sky were very odd.. so I took a dozen or so pictures with my Galaxy cell phone camera. Lo and behold, a strange silver orb of enormous size was in the image. ‘happens every time..

  2. Oct 02.17 north of Toronto, Ontario , Canada discharge from a plane formed the image of a fish bone in the sky, which is code for genocide.

  3. and if you look at all chemtrails u will see evil faces and a ton of skulls in them. wake up people for the voices of good people stay silent so evil can prevail 🙁

  4. People need to realize that chemtrails change our sky.
    I call that chem-sky cause some FAKE governments’ agents in this movement tend to focus on just LINES. But those lines changes our sky, and weird formation is observed all the time.

    Once I saw a video made by something mama, explaining various weird looking cloud formations. That’s what we need to teach many.

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