Climate Engineering Conference 2017 October

Climate Engineering Conference 2017 October

Climate criminal David Keith in attendance – SRMGI (Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative) – blocking our Sun,  constant cloud cover, no Vit D, rickets, no crops without sunshine and wide spread fungus.  Keith is a lobbyist for his business – Direct Air Capture CO2 | The Keith Group

Plants Need CO2

The Climate Engineering Conference 2017 provides a platform for critical global discussions by bringing together researchers, policymakers, and civil society actors to discuss the highly complex and interlinked ethical, social and technical issues related to climate engineering. Watch the press briefing (10 October 2017) with David Keith, Professor of Applied Physics and Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University, Mark Lawrence, Scientific Director at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Lili Fuhr, Head of the Ecology and Sustainable Development Department at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Pablo Suarez, Associate Director for Research and Innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre.

Risks, Unknowns, and Challenges

For now, the field of climate engineering consists of desk and laboratory studies and small-scale field research on some of the proposed methods. No technologies have been deployed at a scale that impacts the global climate. Yet, the intent behind climate engineering, its geographically large or even global impact, and the complexity and uncertainty of its potential effects upon climate governance – and human society – raise profound questions.

On a basic level, there are technical questions about the costs and feasibility of development and deployment of various technologies, as well as the geophysical processes that they aim to manipulate. Given our imperfect knowledge of both the technologies and the climate system, there are worries about unintended environmental and ecosystem side effects. Even if the technologies function as intended, they will not “turn back the clock” from a climate influenced by rising greenhouse gas emissions to a previous climate – an engineered climate will be a new and different one.

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7 thoughts on “Climate Engineering Conference 2017 October

  1. Oh I understand Geoengineering and can easily see them spraying. My question is how Fire Storms are created by this idiotic spraying? Fire Storms? I understand drought but are they responsible for lightening? Or is it just dry land/plants make great tinder? Thanks.

    1. Reply to stormy – The nano aluminum sized that they are spraying is a fire accelerant – Thermite is a combination of aluminum powder and a metal oxides (water tests show high levels of metals)…Aluminum powders have the highest KST rate (a measurement of inherent explosive power) of all the combustible metal dusts.
      It was also mentioned in the lame stream news that is was very usual for the fire to start at night – not triggered by the heat of the sun, etc. Space lasers – FRANKENSKIES at the 36:17 minute mark ‘We are using trillion watt lasers.’ mentioned on CBS news interview.

  2. The people are totally unaware of these groups of Money grabbing hypocritical &&*()(* d’ s We need to purge them from our roles of living humans, for they are anything but Human , and that Cesspool of Greater Knowledge “Harvard ” be Opened up to the public so the people can smell the Rot of a Sewer”

  3. I so hate David Keith one evil twat, noticed his Satanic finger sign, says it all.

  4. We got a frost warning tonight. The usual times that we get frosts is in November. We had a LATE late late frost at the end of MAY, around here the last frost date is April 20th. We had a very cool summer which helped slow down all the multitudes of foreign insects that have come from Chinese shipping containers for the past 20 some years. BUT it was very very cold this year! This ‘climate heating’ is all just lies that the freemason controlled puppetry called the ‘ mainstream scientific community’ is parroting. They’re making it colder and saying it’s hotter. The only MORONS who believe that are the ones who believe that the towers (and building 7) just fell in a controlled demolition type way because of the airplanes hitting them, and they actually can convince themselves that the ‘plane’ that hit the ground in Shanksville actually got sucked into a smoking hole…and NO parts of the plane were on the ground, no wings or any parts or pieces. Anyone who can believe that a plane can do that needs to be checked for vital signs because they are BRAIN DEAD!
    Some people are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry stupid.

    1. You can prove that no planes hit the buildings to anyone. Take an aluminium can and stomp it with your foot on a concrete sidewalk. Does the can go thru the side walk? Nope, just smashed. Jets are like BIG aluminium cans. LOL

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