aplaintruth.info Further evidence highly suggests the surprise record firestorm was created to re-purpose zoning developments towards Agenda 21 mandates.

The Viability of Directed-Energy Weapons

Another revolution in weaponry is currently underway, with directed-energy weapons on the cusp of replacing chemical-powered weapons on the battlefield. DEWs use the electromagnetic spectrum (light and radio energy) to attack pin­point targets at the speed of light. When a laser beam strikes a target, the energy from the photons in the beam heats the target to the point of combus­tion or melting.

City of Santa Rosa pending developments July 2017 map – same as evacuation map – this area was scheduled to be erase – new building codes – no fireplaces – many green (sustainable – agenda 21) restrictions – will not be able to restore homes to previous state. Green building codes go beyond minimum code requirements.

How and Why California Fires Were DEW Created
City of Santa Rosa pending developments June 2017
City of Santa Rosa evacuation map
City of Santa Rosa pending developments July 2017 map - same as evacuation map

Pam Nickelt Jones

What do China, 9/11 New York & the fires 🔥 in Napa Ca have in common? Let’s take a look at DEW’s – “DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS”!

Rise Together

Buildings and cars destroyed – trees and plastic items untouched.

Evidence of DEW – Directed Energy Weapons

California Fires and Space-Based Weather Weapons
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of Fires
California Fires



9 thoughts on “How and Why California Fires Were DEW Created – Agenda 21 via Lasers!

  1. Shared to MINDS,com Well, that is quite the coincidence eh? Really, DEW has been part and parcel of The Future Weapons Arms Race for decades. Let’s hope people are primed to listen. Great gathering of data… o…

  2. how do you expect people to fight this? we cant do anything, we cant get to these politicians who need to be guillotined. the entire court system is run by lawless murderers and laws don’t work.

  3. Lest we forget: We are governed by twisted human beings.

  4. Has anyone noticed the huge PG&E work camp behind the Graton casino?

    I noticed a tractor out there leveling those fields off almost 2 weeks before the fires. It was not plowing the field, it was pulling a box scraper. I have lived in the area for 24 years and this was the first time I have ever seen a tractor out there.

  5. This is totally freaky. Nikola Tesla had information about directed energy weapons in the hotel room he had been in when he died. Of course the government agents took all that as soon as they could. Sounds like they’re using Tesla technology. The pattern of burning seems to be pretty suspicious too.

  6. what happened to the “rise together” video…how about putting it on your site since you tube censored it…

  7. You tube censors too much. People need to go on other channels like Vimeo. And use other search engines like duckduckgo.com, the monopoly concentration of these media like youtube and google are on purpose in order to cause a major catastrophe. Not only the monopoly of media, but also stores as well. It’s an easy way to destabilize society and cause a huge shortage easily.

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