California Fire Pictures – Buildings – Cars Destroyed – Trees OK

California Fire Pictures - Buildings - Cars Destroyed - Trees OK

Buildings and cars destroyed – trees and plastic items untouched.

Evidence of DEW – Directed Energy Weapons

PARADISE CALIFORNIA: Target of a Highly Organized Attack
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – DEW – Directed Energy Weapons
California Fires – Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of Fires
California Fires

Drone Footage

13 thoughts on “California Fire Pictures – Buildings – Cars Destroyed – Trees OK

  1. I think we have more then enough evidence and great people behind all of this news. After this summers events which are continuing by consequence of Hurricanes, floods, fires, chemtrials, Lithium, still unanswered on earthquakes………and we even have the sink holes on the Oregon coast all caused by Harrp and Lithium in the chemtrials. I think we need a legal paper drawn up and join the webs with links for members of each state to form representatives and address this with demand for immediate answers and resolution on these crimes against Humanity. We can not continue just to talk about this, people are homeless, jobless, physically ill and chemically mind altered so those who are awake and functioning need to pull this together now. Thanks you web is great !!

  2. Were do we sign!!!!! Please let us know how we can physically stop these crimes! And who exactly is it? We need to know who it is in order to pinpoint our legal moves!

  3. HAARP was used, but some friends of mine uncovered government documents, one of the documents was dated 1/17 asking for $25 Million dollars.well before the Hurricane Harvey hit land. The other document is the rezoning of Area 21 as you well know.

  4. I suspect that what happened in California is also happening somewhere else. In Portugal and in Galicia (Northern Spain), more than 500 devastating fires occurred last week with a toll, so far, of more than 40 deaths, many houses destroyed and thousands of acres of burned land. Violent fires erupted out of nowhere even threatening downtown of Vigo, the largest city of Galicia. Firemen say that they never saw anything like this before. The authorities are convinced that the fires have been intentioned but to put the blame on pyromaniacs does not seem the answer because to cause so many fires in so many far apart places, would require many pyromaniacs operating simultaneously, which is hard to believe. My guess is that when authorities learn what happened in California, they may start looking into the possibility of DEWs also used in Portugal and Spain.

      1. Dear friends:
        Some days ago, you published an excellent video taken by a drone overlying one of the devastated zones of Santa Rosa. I have tried to recall that video to show to interested parties in Galicia, also affected by inexplicable fires, but somehow, I cannot locate that video. Would you be kind enough to send me the link to that video. Your help will be deeply appreciated.

          1. Since when do we have an obvious war against the people on our land of the USA and yet, not one politician is calling this an attack on the US ? [ Left ] Hillary is out on her insane money making tour speaking, she has not concern for this, Trump is our President and he is doing nothing to identify the perpetrators and have them arrested…do we see anyone filing papers to DC to our US Attorney General, to CA- or OR-or WA-or Montana-Texas-Florida on any of this ? All of this are human rights violations, destruction of private and public property..and much more……I sent some pieces of historical lineage that directly connects to the higher ups that have an agenda such as the Vegas matter, pure House of Orange-Egyptian Masonic ritual, I believe this is the same and the lands of ORANGE COUNTY ..check all dates, and events surrounding all of this, these elitists have a game plan to destroy the US from within………….they slowly broken us down and at present with Trump helping to usher this all in it is accelerating now because we have not learned quick enough.

  5. Millions of Americans are aware of this aerosol spraying, yet not one single member of Congress nor any agency of the Federal Government will answer our questions;
    1. ) Who is doing this spraying? Who authorizes this spraying of dangerous chemicals over our skies?
    2. ) What is the purpose of spraying these dangerous chemicals raining down on humans, animals and the environment?

    1. Bertiz:
      1.- Regarding “who”: In my humble opinion, something so big as spraying the country with chemicals for so many years, cannot be done by a private party without the knowledge of the government, therefore, either the whole spraying operation is being done either by the government or by private outfits with the blessing of the government with the cover up of the whole Congress and the main stream media.

      2.- Regarding “what for”: again, in my humble opinion, I believe that the answer can be found in the US Air Force document “Owning the weather by 2015” (

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