California Fires – Insurance Companies Know About Weather – Electro-Magnetic Weapons

California Fires – Insurance Companies Know About Weather – Electro-Magnetic Weapons

May 05, 2008  – CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Requests Public Input on Possible Regulation of “Event Contracts” – Now where there are the weather and earth shaking technologies, or some circles call these weather and electro-magnetic weapons, used insidiously unfortunately by our military, our intelligence apparatus, and perhaps our military contractors for purposes contrary to that to which our public servants take their oath of office to the Constitution, I suggest prohibiting the use of that technology rather than leaving someone else holding the bag in the event destruction produced by, and where so-called ‘natural’ event were produced by military contractor technology in the guise of mother nature‘.

Consider Rep Denis Kucinich as well as former Senator John Glenn attempted to have our Congress prohibit the use of space based weapons. That class of weapons includes the ‘weather weapons‘.  as well as other articles about this on the Global Research website.
Andrea Psoras

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When in Tampa (1990’s) they constructed a food irradiation plant over sink holes 25 miles east of my home.  When looking at my home insurance policy, radiation damage would only be covered if there was an explosion, not covered if home was contaminated with ground water….

3 thoughts on “California Fires – Insurance Companies Know About Weather – Electro-Magnetic Weapons

  1. This is not a x file, this is real and it is alive in califronia today!the silent wars against californians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sos, all of the usa is a cold blooded calculated experiment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when did i sign a contract to be used as an experiment????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. The Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance also knows, I’ve written them myself. This is supposed to be an organization that protects farmers, though apparently only with lawyers who have their heads in the sand and follow the bidding of the public-private partnerships directing this chaos and not with empowering truthful information.

  3. Absolutely disgusting for a government to continue and carry on thinking they have the right to create disaster to the property of others, their funding from tax payer money should be cut off immediately.

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