Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

What are Your Favorite Netflix Movies?

Netflix Movies

Been watching Heartland. 2016 TV-PG 9 Seasons – a very positive, uplifting – family value series.

Please share your favorites!

5 thoughts on “What are Your Favorite Netflix Movies?

  1. not mad at you, but I will not watch any j-hollywood made movie…..I also despise TV and most music

    1. I feel the same as you. Stopped watching TV years ago, can’t stand listening to the radio or most music. Occasionally view a quality netflix show for an escape.

  2. When Calls The Heart — 4 seasons Hallmark Channel

    The Good Witch – several seasons and movies. Hallmark Channel

    Signed, Sealed and Delivered – 1 season and 10 movies. Hallmark Channel

    Jesse Stone —10 movies. Hallmark Channel— originally CBS

    The Good Doctor — new series

    Murdoch Mysteries — 10 seasons. CBC Canada

    Bull — 2 seasons. CBS

    NCIS — 15 seasons. CBS

    Designated Survivor —. 2 seasons. ABC

    Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries. 4 seasons. ABC. Australia

    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries . 3 seasons. ABC. Australia

  3. We don’t have TV anymore, why subject yourself and your kids to that drivel and EMF radiation. Plus it’s a huge waste of money. 600 channels and nothing on but crap and commercials.

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