California Fires – Evacuees Kicked out of Shelter – Middle of Night – Cold Rain  According to first person accounts, backed up by Red Cross officials I spoke with, around 10 pm on Oct. 19, 2017, several police cars pulled up to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds where hundreds of evacuees, displaced and homeless were being sheltered. For the next two hours, the local Santa Rosa police handcuffed and evicted those with outstanding warrants and probation violations. After the police left around midnight, the night Red Cross supervisor seemingly random, directed nurse volunteers to evict over 40 more people outside, in the middle of the night, into the cold, pouring rain for no reason. Word is going around the shelter that all must be evicted because the SCF wishes to resume regular event activities by Oct. 25th. Film documentation and other first person testimony to follow.

Sonoma County – Structure Status Information Map

California Fire Pictures – Buildings – Cars Destroyed – Trees OK

3 thoughts on “California Fires – Evacuees Kicked out of Shelter – Middle of Night – Cold Rain

  1. I can’t believe they did this to average white folk

  2. This is beyond the pale. Weird in the extreme! and totally unreasonable of the Red Cross. I can understand police rounding up people with legit warrants….but WHY? in the middle of the night?
    The Red Cross has no excuse.

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