Aluminum – Lithium – Barium – Strontium in My Home!

Aluminum - Lithium - Barium - Strontium in My Home

by Susan Ferguson – Toxic ‘white-dust’ particles in my home! Aluminum, lithium, barium, strontium are just some of the metals that have been identified as part of the aerosol spraying of our atmosphere.

This is a collection of very recent photographs I took of the toxic ‘dust’ that is all over my home here on the Olympic Peninsula Washington State. Actually the shadow on this one (above) is quite good, because it shows the crystal structure in these particles, which are metals. I sincerely believe that people should be aware of what is occurring on our planet. This is worldwide and a great tragedy.

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Aluminum – Lithium – Barium – Strontium in My Home!

I do live in an electronic warzone and I attribute these filament accretions to the US Navy that uses this once pristine area as an EW practice zone. However, as my NASA Worldview screenshots show, these toxic metals are being sprayed all over the planet.

Aluminum – Lithium – Barium – Strontium in My Home!

I am very weary of trying to clean this stuff up. Aluminum, lithium, barium, strontium are just some of the metals that have been identified as part of the aerosol spraying of our atmosphere. All guaranteed to contribute to dementia, respiratory and digestive diseases.

This photo was taken three days after I completely cleaned as bedside table. It only took 3 days to accumulate this much! Think what we are breathing.

Have you ever seen white dust in your home, on your tables, electronics, etc.? Take a flash light, even in the day light, and these particles will show up because they are metal and reflect light. The light in the upper left corner is from a small flash light.

I have lived in many rural areas and I am used to earth-dust, but it is never white. I used an old make-up brush to brush this ‘dust’ into clumps in order to clean my bedside table. Note the crystalline structure of the dust.

This is a close-up that I cropped. The white hair is mine, and perhaps the black one also, I cannot be sure. But the hair gives you an idea of the size of these accumulations.

Another cropped close-up view. These accumulations tend to behave like static electricity and sort of move towards each other.

These particles adhered to a light bulb, which I threw away. These metal particulates appear to be attracted to some surfaces more than others. This must be because they are magnetically drawn to a chemical in the surface coating. Finding these kinds of accumulations is horrifying, because I know I am breathing these materials every moment of every day.

I picked up these filaments on some adhesive tape.

This is from my breakfast table.

This is chemically ice nucleated snow from my yard. The ‘snow-flakes’ look more like metal, which is exactly what they are made of.



15 thoughts on “Aluminum – Lithium – Barium – Strontium in My Home!

  1. Wow. Amazing article. Ok, don’t laugh, but when I saw the 3rd and 4th pictures in your set, that’s when I realized that I have seen those particles of ‘dust’ flying around IN MY CHICKEN HOUSE!!! I am dead serious.
    I bought a new baby video monitor so that I could set it up inside my chicken house and view what is going on from my kitchen should I hear anything abnormal during the night. (We have animal predators)

    So I’m looking at my monitor, the chickens are totally still and asleep, but the camera has night vision capabilities so even though it’s pitch black in there I can still see clearly everything. My husband is curious as to what is all that “stuff flying around”

    I went in the morning and nothing is disturbed. The next night and every night…. the chickens are perfectly quiet, sleeping soundly and no movement, but clearly we see these dust particles flying everywhere!!!! It’s crazy.

    I am very concerned about all this as well, because I know while we can’t see it, WE ARE BREATHING IT. And also our animals. It is maddening.

  2. OK.. At the risk of (A) freaking you out even more than you already are, or (B) angering you, please allow me to post a few helpful hints for discovering even more of these nefarious invasive “things” I call morgies.
    Using a bright flashlight, lay the beam flat against any and all walls inside your home. Look for loops of fibers poking out. These things burrow beneath the paint and will leave a portion of themselves sticking out. When I pull them out of the paint they appear to be as empty hulls shaped like a fiber.. i.e. as though something hatched out of them.. You may also see several bright white lumps or small BB sized lumps on your walls. I simply get some compound W (20%+ of salysic -sp?-acid) and paint over them. Acne medicine (the aforementioned and likely misspelled salysic acid) tends to kill them.. or at least really pisses them off…
    Look inside all your door hinges. particularly in the heads of the phillips screws that fasten the door hinge to the door and to the wall.
    ALL velcro tends to catch them..
    Any wool clothing you may have will be infested as will anything cotton…
    Check the overflow drain in your tub.. This is the one that is in the middle of your tub and should have a chrome cover held on by a flat head screw. Mine has to be cleaned every month these days…
    If you have carpet you have morgies…. There is NO way to get them out. We have gone through 2 Dysons, a ton of cheap vacuums, and a rainbow.. but none of these can get them to turn loose.. An inspection with a magnifying glass mounted to a pair of tweezers verifies this…
    Speaking of magnifying glass tweezers – we have a Harbor Freight store here which sells this setup. I buy two pair and at the same time I buy a set of clip on magnifying lenses for regular glasses. I disassemble the clip ons and use the bracketed lens (they are shaped like mini tennis rackets) to mount atop the existing lens on my magnifying tweezers. I simply use one of the wife’s hair bands (fuzzy rubber bands) to secure the second lens over the original one.. (shhhh don’t tell her or I will be in real trouble).. This enables me to get a really good look at what I am fighting…. One lens is stronger than the other which is why I buy the tweeers two at a time. Attach the other lens to to the other setup and you are set..
    There is so much more I could share but as usual I am exhausted and must get some rest..


  3. One more comment… THANK YOU to the people (person?) who created this website.. You are on the front lines of the battle for our very existence.. and I think you know this.. THANK YOU to the people who support this site.. THANK YOU to the person who posted this article..

    I too have been seeing this stuff since two thousand nine. I have quite a collection of videos showing some very bizarre artifacts that I have extracted from beneath my skin. If you google “terracers youtube” you can find my channel.

    Cliff Mickelson, one of the original researchers of this insidious bio-weapon (IMHO) once said that if he tries to fight these things that are collecting beneath his skin, they in turn become more active.. However, if he leaves them be, they slow down and continue their methodical takeover of his body..

    We are in trouble folks….

      1. You are welcome. Very few people recognize what is going on above our heads and fewer still what is happening beneath our skin – yet you address both.. THANK YOU..

        I have tried everything from Nutra-Silver to cryo-therapy.. One of the truly maddening things about this bio-weapon (again, IMHO) is that it seems to attack each person differently. Consequently, effective treatments vary too.
        on the skin: 20 to 22% hydrogen peroxide (beauty supply store) misted on the skin (DANGER: KEEP AWAY FROM EYES) misted on the skin.. wait one minute then mist with 97% alcohol. The combination makes them come out.
        Kleen Green enzyme cleanser. This was recommended to me by a nice lady (Ms Kaye) from New Zealand. It is pricey ($75 a gallon) but can be diluted . Honest to God it works better than hydrochloric acid at dissolving the bio-film. (as a bonus, it doesn’t kill your microscope lenses)
        Bathe in 1/4 cup borax and 1/4 cup baking soda.. TEPID water (NOT hot!) soak for at least one hour. Once you drain the water, remain standing in the tub and take the butt of your hand and aggressively rub your skin where the bio-film coating resides. This stuff rolls off in long snake like strips full over fibers and God knows what…
        I have been awake since two thousand nine.. I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what is going on and I try to enlighten others.. However, as you have no doubt noticed, some wish to remain willfully ignorant and others suffer from cognitive dissonance. It is maddening to know what we know and have the majority of the people not believe you…

        Keep fighting the good fight.. I know I will!

  4. The only good thing that will come out of this , is every denier of Chemtrails , every Corporate owned Meteorologist that have all signed NDA’s , every Politician that keeps quiet , everyone including the Pilots , are all Saturated with the same chemicals and metals as we people ! Everyone that breaths air .

  5. Satanists behind this nefarious attack on humanity, just wanted to say to the psychos doing this good luck explaining it to your maker losers.

  6. I have COPD and as a result of all this ref’use it is quickly killing me. It fills my lungs at night and when I get up in the A.M. it takes me an hour and a half, a large cup of coffee, sometimes 2 and a 20 ounce bottle water to breathe without literally struggling. By that time I am exhausted, totally. I set down at my computer and play cards for a couple of hours and more often than not, I take a nap. I know that I am not long for this earth. I am so ashamed at the crap that is settled all over my house that I do not want visitors. That includes my adult children and their children.
    I too am appreciative of this website as I know I am not insane (yet). This is all part of Agenda 21 but when you tell most folks about it, they do believe I am over the edge.
    Even my husband doesn’t believe me when I show him these articles and he has developed an awful chronic cough,
    Says, “My spit just went down the wrong way.”

  7. I feel your pain.
    Ignorance is bliss. How true.
    Is there an end to this madness?
    No there is not.
    Can we do anything about it?
    No we can not.
    Not when most of us are asleep with no desire to wake up.
    Seriously, there’s barium in my well water. Has been for years.
    How does synthetic barium get into my well? Via the CHEMTRAILS-right right.

    One day closer to death.

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