So much for draining the swamp—Trump appoints Lilly (thimerosal inventor) executive to head US govt. health agency that regulates the CDC.

Trump nominates former drug company executive Alex Azar as next Health and Human Services secretary

  • President Donald Trump said he will nominate Obamacare critic Alex Azar as his secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Azar is a former chief of Eli Lilly’s U.S. division, and a former general counsel of HHS.
  • Trump’s first HHS secretary, Tom Price, quit in September after disclosures he had taken multiple pricey private jet flights in his short tenure – probably a setup.


2 thoughts on “Big Pharma coup d’état!

  1. Is Trumpf “doubling down” on the Globalists format, following the straight line of the Rat Bastard Banking Cartel?
    Looks like he is Filling the swamp with critters he feels won’t bite him

  2. Trump is a Globalist and a FASCist.

    Why are people surprised.

    Bankers work for the Rome-Berlin Axis they manage the Money for the Vatican.

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