1962: “He Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World” (LBJ)

1962: “He Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World” (LBJ)

Post by Harold Saive – Vice President Johnson at Southwest Texas State University (1962)
Gordon Wilkison

On May 27, 1962, then Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson presented the graduation address at his alma mater, Southwest Texas State University (today known as Texas State University) in San Marcos. Vice President Johnson also was the recipient of the university’s first honorary doctorate degree. Johnson’s stirring speech touches upon his international travels and his experiences seeing the rest of the world with his emphasis being upon the example of freedom that the United States must set for the rest of the world. (Source: Texas Archive)

Of special interest is LBJ’s comment about controlling global cloud layers with a prediction that,

“He who controls the weather, will control the world”

Johnson’s vision to control the weather is not about the benefit to mankind, but about ultimate CONTROL of MANKIND

Complete 1962 LBJ Speech

Geoengineer, Ken Caldeira et al have been forced to acknowledge the Geoegineering research of the last 50 years, which is significant in confirming investigators’ findings of chemical aircraft emissions. (PDF)

2 thoughts on “1962: “He Who Controls The Weather, Will Control The World” (LBJ)

  1. Stubbornly, people refuse to recognize the weaponization of weather. Is it the ostrich with head in the sand? If I don’t recognize this horrible weapon, it doesn’t exist?

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