Insider Reveals Their Plans with Chemtrails – How To Survive

Insider Reveals Their Plans with Chemtrails - How To Survive

From YouTuber Godrules

1 thought on “Insider Reveals Their Plans with Chemtrails – How To Survive

  1. I’m wondering where the “how to survive it” comes in.

    Remember there was an episode on “Unsolved Mysteries”, I think it was in the 1990’s, where there was a town in Oregon where this mysterious clear goop started raining down on a town? It was at night and one of the people interviewed said it was getting dark out and it looked like some jets were being scrambled, the one guy said it was as if one of the planes was being chased by the other jets. Soon afterwards there was a storm and this goop started falling out of the storm clouds. Two people who touched it (one was a cop on night patrol) got violently ill from just touching the stuff. When the sunlight hit the stuff it started to vaporize. The cop had put gloves on and had pulled into a gas station and used his gloved hands to scrape it off his windshield. He also got violently sick later on. The woman who got sick had taken some of the goo and had put it in a jar with a lid on it. She said when she got sick and had to go to the hospital, her mother brought the jar of stuff and the hospital had a lab analyze it. She said the tests said that there were white blood cells in the stuff. Later on the sample happened to ‘disappear’ (always keep a back up copy I guess). I had posted it on youtube as well as other people and it got pulled down due to ‘copyright violations’.

    Chemtrails are helping to make moss and lichens grow all over the trees. I even see lichens growing on painted surfaces. Would that possibly point to the “acidifying” of everything? Isn’t aluminum oxide acidic? After all, one of the soil amendments you can buy to acidify soil is aluminum sulfate.

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