One thought on “Baby Elephants Freeze, Record Snows Switzerland, Record Cold Australia

  1. Not sure if I’m misunderstanding this or not. What is the solar minimum? Is it decreased sunspot activity? It’s more like chemtrails are obscuring the sun.

    I guess this is why the NWO freemasons decided to drop the original term “global warming”? It’s amazing how controlled the news media is. Even the talking heads on radio make sure to not mention when we are having 50 degree nights in the middle of summer! Oh, but if it’s going to be warm, they make sure to say ‘unseasonably warm’, yet when we have record breaking COLD temperatures they just act like it’s normal. They just say ‘cold’ not ‘super freezing out and record breaking cold. Their lies are everywhere.

    Global warming climate change hoax is just a code word for ‘global taxation’ as Gary Allen revealed long ago.

    Of all things that people seem to be able to believe is a bunch of crap are chemtrails and the global warming hoax. People aren’t as dumb as the NWO Satanist think they are.

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