The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court

The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court

Post from Renegade Tribune

By Vivian Lee

On December 11, 2017, in a serious miscarriage of justice, a jury in West Palm Beach, Florida, ruled unanimously in favor of Florida Atlantic University and against former Media Studies Professor James Tracy, who was suing for reinstatement after his firing in 2016. The jury found that Tracy’s “controversial” articles on Memory Hole Blog were not a “motivating factor” in his firing, the only question they were required to consider. Of course, Tracy’s posts at “his conspiracy theory blog” were indeed the reason he was fired, but the jury was convinced otherwise by FAU’s legal team with assistance from the judge. The case centered around Tracy’s writings on the anomalies found in the reporting on the Sandy Hook “massacre” of December 14, 2012. His skepticism about the event was not to the liking of the university.

FAU maintained that Tracy was not fired from his tenured position because of his blog posts, but because he did not follow the “rules” set out by “his bosses” at the government-run institution. FAU attorney G. Joseph Curley insisted that Tracy was not denied his First Amendment rights, but that he simply did not follow university procedure. “Professor Tracy doesn’t follow the rules,” Curley told the jury. “They’re rules that everyone else follows. He doesn’t play by the rules.” FAU cast the case as one of a “belligerent,” rebellious,” and “nonconformist” employee being let go for “insubordination,” instead of that of a tenured professor exercising his right to free speech.[1]

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5 thoughts on “The Death of Academic Freedom: Prof James Tracy Denied First Amendment Rights by Federal Court

  1. Maybe if the Elf On The Shelf had been watching him none of this situation wouldn’t have happened. Or maybe the judge and jury should have totally outlawed the topic of Sandy Hook, …no where on the planet can that be discussed….EVER. Or, better still, maybe the judge and jury should stop being snowflakes and stop effing up the right to free speech.

      1. Or can use Alexa – Just tap and ask – so many options out there now for the brain dead – zombies…

  2. You guys in the US should fight back all these traitors, using their own fraud of !!

    They are NOT ‘Governemnt’, ‘police’, ‘court’ etc that you think but COMPANIES, therefore they have NO AUTHORITY or POWER OVER YOU!!

    You’ve gotta demand them to show you some verifiable and sufficient COUNTER EVIDENCE to say they are legitimate. I’ve been doing this for SIX years + and THEY HAVE NONE!!

    When will start using the REAL EFFECTIVE means to beat them!??

  3. Ever wonder what they’re really hiding in the town of Sandy Hook?

    I’m guessing that the whole jury was rigged from the start. The government (and the government controlled universities apparently) are VERY intent on hushing up the false flag of sandy hook. Look how Amazon pulled the book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. I think it’s more than just the gun control thing. The general public would have to start to look at the paid ‘crisis actors’ or mind controlled actors, or Satanists, or whoever they are. And, then people would start to wonder about all the OTHER false flags that have happened throughout history. Then they would question the veracity and truthfulness of the mainstream media. And who knows where that would lead? People would not put so much blind faith in the MSM.

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