Mon. Aug 19th, 2019

Fake Weather – Fake Clouds

Fake Weather - Fake Clouds

Post by Patrick Roddie

Calling all so-called scientists & meteorologists: if anyone with even a high school physics training finds anything in this satellite image remotely natural, resign now. Western Mediterranean, 12-29-17 –


Fake Weather - Fake Clouds


Fake Weather – Fake Clouds
1:27pm update, San Francisco, CA 12-29-17


3 thoughts on “Fake Weather – Fake Clouds

  1. Hello Patrick. Where we live we haven’t seen a sunrise for so long that we are going to run an ad with a $1000 reward for anyone who can document a sunrise that isn’t/hasn’t been totally blasted by the aerosols. Thanks for everything you do, and thanks to AirCrap also.

  2. Great pics from NASA ! You will notice that now you are starting to see chemtrails in commercials and other stuff. Today I went to my local gym to ride a bike (they call it spin) and they had a video of bikers and we follow what they do. I’m not kidding…There were Chemtrails in the sky of Germany where this biking video was filmed. I am noticing it everywhere. They want us to think its normal by shoving it in our faces. Just infuriating that they have gotten away with this so long.

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