US Cloud Cover Dec 2017

US Cloud Cover from  Dec 1 to Dec 29 2017 – Note the ‘angular’ formations

Europe Cloud Cover from  Dec 1 to Dec 29 2017 – Not much sunshine!!


7 thoughts on “US – Europe Cloud Cover Dec 2017

  1. I can’t believe how many People, I talk to about Chemtrails, Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about…….

  2. I live in Idaho and tried to explain to my irrigation district why they should get all the irrigators together and discuss the crimes being committed against us .. they too, rolled their eyes.

    Those who control the clouds, control everything .. High Pressure Ridges, storm front direction and intensity .. that is dollars my friend. Fewer and fewer people have the ability to look at facts and figures and paint by the numbers .. plugged ears, eyes and thinking.

    Then we have GMO control over our sugars, wheat, corn .. and basic ignorance about cooking oils and how they are being likewise manipulated. It has been recently pointed out, fat sick people are easier to control.

  3. Puerto Rico suffered a catastrphic hurricane: Maria. It came only to Puerto Rico and vanished in the sea. Our skies habe been geoengineered since 2014 and most of our “used to be beautiful and centenaries trees died. Our vegetation and fruits: mangoes, oranges,, lemons have been destroyed. Solar radiation management with fly ash is done day every day at all hours. Our bats which are so important in our ecosystems are dying of strange nose disease. We are suffering of many illnesses. Sadly, most people do not see anything of that ; they do not even question themselves.

  4. Wow, I am so impressed by this sites readers and their comments. it makes me proud to see so many of us , all over the world are awake! Kudos to you all.
    Geoengineering (aka chemtrails) have been going on 67 years. They seriously ramped it up in 1998. My best friend has been in the airforce ,forever and even he is terrified to talk about it. He has not said a word,even when asked by all of us. He like our weathermen, newcasters etc all have serious gag orders and are so afraid to talk because they know those that do get murdered.
    I once saw on a website,sadly I cannot remember which one, but it talked about all the scientists that were getting murdered worldwide because they knew something and were going to talk about it publicly and strangely ended up dead under weird circumstances. Even rock stars and actors are being murdered for talking about the Geoengineered skies over us all. I have even noticed commercials are now showing the geoengineered skies so people will be reinforced that this is normal,when it is not.
    Keep up the good fight people,hand out flyers on it to everyone you know and pray pray pray that one day they will read and understand. prayer may be the only weapon we have in our arsenal. Pray that the chemicals will stop affecting us and pray harder that those behind will be punished with justice.

  5. Our bugs and bees are deformed and they are deprecated in my home back yard. I yearn for the life, which filled my childhood, in the exploration and wonderment of flora and fauna in the orchard on my daddy’s land. The lack of wildlife is so sad.
    I think that the chemtrails are there to kill off anything that could possibly harm us or the Monsanto profit. God gave us a wonderful world. So many species die every day. This is sad. Our large sea creatures are dying also. Humans are next?

    1. I noticed the lack of bugs on the car windshield. A few years ago, so many bugs hitting the windshield had to use a scraper to get them off. now days, can drive for miles and miles and only one bug.

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