A Deep State CIA Lesson – Blank Check Budget – No Oversight

A Deep State CIA Lesson - Blank Check Budget - No Oversight

Robert K. Tanenbaum was chosen by Richard Sprague to be the House Select Committee’s first Deputy Counsel in charge of the John Kennedy murder investigation, recounts his experiences on that ill-fated mission and how they lost funding for a proper JFK  investigation., the next day, after grilling a CIA operative.

‘So, Phillips (CIA operative) was saying that an individual went to Mexico City on or about October 1, 1963 and the CIA was claiming this was Lee Harvey Oswald, just as the Warren Commission claimed. However, the following occurred: “Oswald” goes to the Russian Embassy and identifies himself as Lee Henry Oswald. He wants to fake everybody out by changing his middle name. There were tapes of what he said because the CIA was bugging the Embassy the same as they were doing to the U.S. Embassy, according to Phillips. And the CIA was photographing people going in and out of the Embassy, the same as they were doing to the U.S. (We found out, from our own sources that the CIA had a contract employee named Lee Henry Oswald, in their files.) Phillips testimony was that there was no photograph of “Oswald” because the camera equipment had broken down that day and there was no audio tape of “Oswald’s” voice because they recycled their tapes every six or seven days‘. (Blank Check – Unlimited Budget – lie)


Robert Tanenbaum interviewed by Probe

The movie was shocking to me because it demonstrated the notion that the CIA was training, in America, a separate army. It was shocking to me because I’m a true believer in the system and yet there are notorious characters in the system, who are being funded by the system, who are absolutely un-American! And who knows what they would do, eventually. What if we send people to Washington who they can’t deal with? Out comes their secret army? So, I find that to be as contrary to the constitution as you can get.


We are an organization of JFK researchers committed to spreading the truth that- in spite of ingenious efforts to conceal it- Lee Harvey Oswald was the “Man in the Doorway” in the famous Altgens photo, which thereby exonerates him of any and all guilt in the murder of President Kennedy. It is the smoking gun of the JFK assassination.

A Deep State CIA Lesson - Blank Check Budget - No Oversight
The truth about Lee Harvey Oswald can clearly be seen above, where he is standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository during the assassination. Lee was watching the passing motorcade, and it proves that he could not have been up on the 6th floor firing at President Kennedy. There was a conspiracy in the JFK assassination, and Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent.

Polio Vaccines – Weaponized Cancer – Lee Harvey Oswald

Brilliant Judyth Vary Baker (who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer) was recruited into a covert bio-weapon lab in New Orleans to create vaccine to kill Fidel Castro. Judyth  as a student was able to make cancer grow faster than the government labs.  As a covert operative, she was assigned protection by government agent  Lee Harvey Oswald.

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