Greg Pallen and Friends in Atlanta GA Today – Chemtrail Protest

Greg Pallen and Friends in Atlanta GA Today - Chemtrail Protest

Way to go Greg and friends – at the College Football National Championship January 8, 2018

How many new minds could we open up to this crime against humanity if every one of us would bring a sign like this to every college football game next season?!? The next time you wonder “What can I do, I’m only one person?” think about doing something like this!


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7 thoughts on “Greg Pallen and Friends in Atlanta GA Today – Chemtrail Protest

  1. Too wonderful Greg and Co. let’s hope you find some recruits and plant your seeds on fertile ground.

  2. URGENT! (YOU NEED TO LISTEN!) CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND POISONING YOU! The Life You Save Will Be Yours & Your Families! The best resource to detox the toxic poison heavy metals in chemtrails safely from your body is in the website at

  3. Very GOOD….It’s about time we as Americans….Common People…
    Stand up to the GREAT CRAZY FOOL leadership that has no concern
    for the damage they are and have caused to the PLANET… If the Mad Scientists
    think what they are doing or have done to the planet will have no consequences
    than maybe they should drink a cocktail of the mixture that they are spraying
    on to the PEOPLE…we need to take note before it’s to late…expose it all!!!!!!!!

  4. It takes courage and conviction in this movement. Greg Pallen shows us that getting out in the streets is truly where we all need to be. Reaching and opening the minds of millions in one day is extremely beneficial in getting out the truth. And the best part is, ANYONE CAN DO IT! See you out in the streets!
    Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers

  5. Just emailed the UK Labour party and asked for amn answer to why nobody is talking about it, everyone please contact their leaders.

  6. Don’t forget you can make shirts with chemtrail slogans on them, even bumperstickers too! The chemtrail facts need to be spread. I tell people about chemtrails all the time and almost none of them have ever heard of them. Even put a sign in the window of your car or truck or van when you drive around (make sure to not obscure your view). Or just put it there when you park your car. Anything! Great idea for him to do that at a game! 🙂

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