Sen. Mike Folmer (R) of Pennsylvania truly believes that parents have a constitutional right to informed consent, especially when it comes to vaccines.

By Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus, CC BY 3.0
Photo credit: By Pennsylvania Senate Republican Caucus, CC BY 3.0

Sen. Folmer announced on his page January 3, 2018, that he will be introducing “Informed Consent” legislation that would require patients and parents to be given information regarding the risks and supposed benefits of vaccinations. He also plans to introduce a resolution to Congress to repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) that gave vaccine manufacturers complete “immunity” from being sued when their vaccines cause serious harm or even death. Since this bill was passed Billions of taxpayer dollars have been awarded to those who have been seriously injured, many completely paralyzed, and some who families received the money because the vaccine killed the person. He feels that the 1986 NCVIA limits patients and parents ability to refuse vaccinations and violates the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution, which would allow injured parties to seek due process under the law.

I was glad to see that he too has seen the “writing on the wall” in the fact that since the childhood vaccine schedule was expanded in the 1980s the rates of autism have skyrocketed along with the increases in the number of vaccines given to our children.

Sen. Folmer was also willing to mention that reanalysis of the original data from the 2004 CDC study “Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta” showed a direct connection between earlier MMR vaccination and autism leading to causal associations. Sadly, I wish that Sen. Folmer did not mention the fact that a CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson, one of the authors of the original papers, came forward in 2014 admitting that he and his colleagues committed fraud by attempting to destroy original data and manipulating the result to eliminate the evidence showing that the vaccine was causing autism. You can watch Sen. Posey asking Congress to investigate this crime back in 2015 here:

Sadly since then, Congress has done nothing while the autism rates in America keep getting worse! To me, this shows intent to neglect the lives of our children in this nation!

I stand with Sen. Mike Folmer to make TRUE Informed Consent a constitutional right and for the repeal of H.R. 5546 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Make vaccine makers pay for the lives they destroy!

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  1. The vaccine industry is injuring or killing 54% of our children. It’s about time someone in government chose compassion over cash! My own daughter was rendered retarded and autistic by shots, luckily I stopped the shots when she was six months old and after 18 shots and she recovered. But they are now giving all children 72 shots, starting with the day of birth. It is a scam and a scandal and should be considered medical malpractice!

  2. WOW!!! Go Mike! Go! We thank you for this effort! Vaccines are neither SAFE NOR EFFECTIVE. Rather, vaccination has been a CRIMINAL practice and in MOST cases unnecessary. That School Districts have gone along with MANDATING vaccination as a requirement of enrollment (all while parents think they can’t have exemptions afforded to their children), is a heinous crime. Manipulative at best. NO DOUBLE BLIND STUDIES??? NO TRUE PLACEBO-BASED studies??? Elites and children of physicians find a way to quietly exempt their OWN children??? What?? WHY would they do this?? These times will go down as the most evil in our history. Millions of vaccine-damaged children made to die, or feed the pharmaceutical industry by the illnesses they carry with them through their adulthood that then “require” pharmacological intervention (think fibromyalsia, Chrone’s, irritable bowel, allergies, neurological and immunological disease, etc). ALL BY DESIGN! We’ve been FEEDING our own children to BIG PHARMA. I want to vomit. How can humans be so evil to one another?? It’s time to SPEAK OUT!! And Mike knows it!

    1. Pharming for profit – no common sense anymore. And look at this blog – ‘I was 9 years old, and had lived with severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease for 7 months. I had run out of medication options to help get the inflammation under control and needed to have my colon removed in a procedure known as a sub-total colostomy.’

      237 Immune System Disorders – page 12 of 18 page DTaP insert – Postmarketing Experience – immune disorders – Inflammatory Bowel Disease

      How to apply an infant colostomy bag

      Women With colostomy Bags Strip Down

      Indy parents pharmed –

  3. Yep I was pharmed – 30 years of antibiotics for a vaccine injury – dairy allergy. Unlike most sheeple I became pissed off going to dr dumb dumb and not getting any cures. Going to MD office, had to wait hours for BS. Got sick are tired of this and cured myself. Going to other dr dumb dumbs to figure out why I was ill. Total waste of time. dr dumb dumb know their treatments are BS

    Some 400 doctors commit suicide every year – guess they are pharmed also.

    Going to non medical doctor (MD) folks, they are on time and don’t treat patients like shit.

  4. A friend of mine has 2 vaccine damaged – autism – grandchildren.

    For the 2nd child, they knew about filing for vaccine damage.

    The vaccine court required photographic evidence of the damage within 5 days. No pictures until the 6th day, and this damaged family was denied a $2 million settlement by 1 day.

    The first child is on life support.

  5. As I’ve been saying, so-called Governments of our countries are all Companies.
    So are CDC, FDA and everything else.
    Therefore, they totally ignore our Constitution or basic laws and have been making up FAKE laws to steal from us our health, wealth, freedom and rights.

    Wonder how far this Senator can go.
    I simply hope he won’t get killed…

    Kate is right.
    YOU are the one who fix your problem.
    You shouldn’t RELY on fraud – brainwashed salespeople of pharma and medical industries.

    And basically you’ve got to DETOX, as I wrote on my blog.
    You can see the link if you open it on your computer, on the right side, and that’s what those children Grace knows should do.

    I heard there is a doctor (clinic) in Calif, who can fix brain damage even with a car accident or so. If anyone needs to know, I’ll check in my files.

  6. Thank God at least he’s trying to do something. Not like that so and so Robert Casey (D) who just loooooooves vaccines. I just wish these bills would come up for a vote (like HB 1566 that gives PA residents a choice whether or not to have EMR frying them 24/7) instead of going nowhere.

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